Got my grow tent set up

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Photo by me

Happy little plant


Today has been a great day so far. My grow tent set up came in the mail and I was able to get it all set up.


Photo by me

Last week, I ordered this grow tent setup from Amazon. I knew it was pretty pricey at $420, but I see it as an important investment for my plants and my future in cannabis.


Photo by me

The LED light that came with it is a really nice quality that can get super bright. It made my son see a checker board pattern for a few minutes after showing him the brightest setting on it.



The lighting is one of the things that I wasn't too sure about when I was buying everything, but @jonyoudyer said that this light is pretty good and he has been one of my go to sources of info here on the blockchain.


Photo by me

After an hour or so and a trip to Walmart, I am finished putting it all together. I've got my lights on a timer to turn off for 4 hours every night and then turn back on for the other 20 hours of the day.

My plant looks lonely in there all by itself, but I have some seeds in the mail right now and I will be adding a few plants to the tent once they come in. I have Gorilla Glue and Northern Lights on the way.


Photo by me

Hopefully this ventilation system works well and is able to keep the smell down once the plants start to put off that amazing smell. It looks like a science project with how it is all dangling from the harnesses and zip ties, but I didn't realize this tent was going to be so small inside. I think I will be able to hold 3-4 plants in there, but that will be about all that could fit.


Photo by me

Right now, my plant is just a week old and I am looking forward to see how it grows. I don't know if this is a male or female plant, so I am glad that it is a bit older than the other plants I am going to have in there, so if it is a male, then I will be able to remove it. I got feminized seeds, so I won't have to worry about what sex my plant is.

I am looking forward to the future with my cannabis growing. One of the main things I am excited about is having enough cannabis to experiment with and find out all the different medical benefits that the plant will provide. My wife and I have even been talking about moving up to Oregon where I can grow legally and be around some professional growers. We have some friends up in Oregon and it would be nice to be around them.

There is so much more to cannabis than getting high with it and I wish that more people could see that. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to stop by and check out my grow set up. You are awesome.


Very nice setup! Just a week or two of growth, then there will be no stopping that plant. The seedling stage is when it is at its most delicate, but your doing a great job. Also very glad you did not get a 'Blurple' light, lol

Thanks for answering so many of my questions during this whole process. You have been a massive help.


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I was diagnosed with Essential Tremor (think Katherine Hepburn) two years ago, and the only thing that consistently helps me (without a zillion side effects) is cannabis. My primary care doc told me I qualify for a MM card here in New Hampshire (where the state motto, "Live Free or Die" seems ironic since neighboring states have decriminalized, but we have not), but I'd need to change doctors to do so, as she's not authorized (apparently few docs in our area are) to recommend. Hubby & I have talked about eventually moving to a legal state and growing our own. In the meantime, I'll just envy enjoy your set up vicariously. Sending lots of good growing vibes your way!

I got my card here about six months ago. It is nice to be able to go to a local dispensary and get whatever I need. It really is worth going and getting it if your state has legalized medical. I ended up paying out of pocket to see the doctor because I don't think any insurance covers this yet.


Our eldest (who still lives at home) just got her card recently, but from what we've heard, the only local dispensary (which, if I understand it correctly, is the only place she's allowed to shop in the state) doesn't have much & is overpriced. My husband is investigating to see if she's able to use her card in neighboring states who have decriminalized, as some people (including her doctor) recommended. He's also hoping to take her to check it out together at some point soon - having car issues at the moment, which is making it tricky. I'm stalling holding off going through the process of getting mine until things are somewhat back to normal, as I have a bunch of medical appointments I'd need to catch up on first.

And thanks for the Engage! 😊

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That is awesome! I never knew you could get seeds that are already femenized. That sure takes some hiccups out of the equation.
I live up here in Oregon but unfortunately live in an apartment so I won't be growing until I find a house. Although that isn't stopping some tenants here. :)

I've been collecting seeds but damn, that doesn't seem worthwhile if you can just get females.

Congrats on the setup and happy growing!

I got my seeds from They have a huge selection and accept crypto as payment, which is pretty nice.

It looks like they have some really good strains!
It makes me want to grow something :)

Damn that's looking nice.

Tents help a lot with humidity control. You are going to be really glad you bought that.

did you measure the distance from the light to the plant?

Thanks man. Right now the light is about 2.5 feet up from the plant. Once it gets bigger, then I will move the light a bit closer.

That's awesome. It's really fun to grow stuff inside, though I usually fail at it. Maybe this year is the year I can succeed, haha.

Oregon is a great place to go, I love the scenery of the pacific northwest! Looking forward to see how your plant progresses!

We visited Oregon as a family a few years ago and loved the area.

Nice setup!

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Thanks homie

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The pictures so wonderfull👍

Always exciting to see someone take the leap to grow their own medicine.

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Aw! What an adorable little seedling. Nice set up! If y'all move up to OR, let me know. Would love to see you when things calm down and the border is open again. Good luck with the growing! I can't wait to see the plant when it's taken off. They're such gorgeous plants, and their aroma is so lovely.


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