Getting ready for the new babies

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The old plant looks so small now


I spent a few hours today getting everything in my grow room ready for when I plant the new seedlings tomorrow. I started germinating them yesterday and they are starting to crack open and their taproot is beginning to show.

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My first plant is growing more and more each day. I should be able to tell if it is a male or female pretty soon. Growing this first one has been a pretty big learning experience for me as I prepare to get into the seeds that I actually paid for. The WeedCash community has been very great at sharing the knowledge that they have when it comes to growing cannabis.

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I am planting two Gorilla Glue and two Northern Lights strains. They are both feminized auto flowers, so I am getting their final homes ready and inside the tent to make sure I have enough space for everything. I am using 3.5 gallon cloth pots and Fox Farm soil. I have read that this is some of the best soil to use. I have a lot of plans for the future when it comes to my cannabis, so I want to make sure that I am doing everything as correctly as I can.

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One of the things that I added to the tent today was a small fan to circulate the air and move the leaves around. I am going to be watching the plants closely to make sure that the leaves are not getting too much movement from the fan and causing wind burn. If that happens, I will adjust the angle of the fan so it is less of a direct angle blowing across the leaves.

I am excited to get the other girls in their final homes tomorrow. It seems like my cannabis growing journey will officially begin once I get them in their pots. One of the regrets I have so far is getting the tent size that I did. I should have gone with one that is a bit bigger because it is a pretty tight squeeze in there, especially with the different "accessories" in the tent.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this grow update. I will make another one in a few days once the seedlings begin poking up through the soil.


Looking good. Really good.

One thing my friend did is to 'centralize' his fan. It's outside the tents (he has 3) and he's got flex pipe as duct work to handle the task. He also uses a humidity indicator in each tent. I wish I had room in my Cigar Humidor for the units he uses :)

I may end up moving the new fan outside of the tent as well. Once the leaves get a bit bigger, I will see how much they are moving around and if it is too much movement, then the fan will end up being moved. The space is so small, that this fan moves so much air despite being on the lowest setting.


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plans like what? oils and edibles?

I will be working with a chef and creating a cook book.

will you be selling it for hive?🙃

I am sure I could work something out. I am going to be designing it for tablets.

or maybe in the weedcash store? sounds cool!

Wow you are making a lot of progress fast! You have grow bags, exhaust and a nice tent! I do think you are overwatering though. I left you a nice guide. Just scroll to the overwatering section you'll see what i mean. Your plant is a mild example .... but still you can see the signature yellowing from the center and drooped down leaves when a plant gets too much water.

Thanks for the info. I looked through that guide and it doesn't look like any of the stuff applies to my plant. It may look a bit yellow just because of how I edited the photo. I had a desaturated and warmer look, which affects the greens in the photo.

The leaves are curling a bit too. Bro just be careful trust me lol. Your soil always looks wet. It also effects root development a lot. But like I said you are doing well overall.

actually don't trust me do your own research lol

Is this legal in your country? It is highly illegal around here despite all the medicinal properties of the plant.

Yes it is legal for medicinal use where I live and I have a medical card as well. Hopefully your country changes its stance on cannabis because it has so many medical uses.

I don't think my country will change it anytime soon.

Well that sucks.

Looks good. I imagine maybe in a week transplant time will come! I never asked you, what’s your light cycle ?

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I am using an 18 on and 6 off cycle. I was doing 20 on and 4 off, but I decided to cut it back a bit to give the plants more time to rest and grow.