Date night with my wife

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My wife and I are going to spend the night watching a concert. We came here two weeks ago for Korn, but tonight we are seeing Alanis Morissette and Garbage.


My wife is super excited and has been wanting to see Alanis since she was like 13. They are expecting a sold out show, so we got here right when they opened the gates.


That gives us some more time to grab some food and find a spot before it is crowded here. It is going to get chilly tonight, so my wanted to get a band sweatshirt to remember the night.


They had a bunch of cool shirts, but only a couple sweatshirts. My wife doesn’t like wearing black and the only sweatshirt that wasn’t black is their “extremely limited edition” white one with a bunch of sayings on it. It is pretty cool but it was $150. #worthit for my wife to have a good time.


The crowd here is a lot different than at the Korn concert. It is a much older and calmer crowd. It sort of has a hippie vibe here, which is pretty cool. Good thing I’ve got some Pineapple Express weed that I will be vibin to.

Have a good night everyone. Thanks for stopping by.


Awesome man! I'm going to my first proper concert tomorrow. Full crowd, no seats and the works. It's gonna be great.

Nice man. Who are you going to see? Have a great time. Alanis killed it last night.

I wish you a good concert and good music. The music from the vio is wonderful, have fun for all the participants.

Thanks man. It was a great time.

Beautiful night and perfect weather for a concert -- much better than being at a crowded performance during the hot Summer months!

Good idea you purchased the fanwear early. Souvenir apparel runs out if you wait too late. Plus it'll be chilly later on.

Where's the venue? @derangedvisions

Enjoy the Garbage & Garbage performances!


Ya. It is going to be pretty nice weather for a concert. It is at Usana in Salt Lake City.

Haven't been to that venue. Someday!

Isn't it great to be doing "normal" things again? I didn't realize how much I missed being at a live concert.✌

Ya, our first big outing like this was when we went to the Excision rave a couple months back and it was so nice to be able to do stuff like that again.

Sick dude! Got to drop a pic of that sweater!

Wow, This was so eventful.😊

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