Doggo to the moon!! $8 and growing!

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Super doggo. To the rescue.


Dad gave me a chicken sandwich!!!

I loves chicken sandwiches.

And runs. It's been a great rainy day here. But I got snacks. And munchies and the park later!!!

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Yep I'm getting to adventure to new parks. Chase balls and run really fast.

I hates squirrel. They is bad.

And need to get more balls. I keep losing them. No jokes about my last name I am always teased by poppa about that.

Why? Am I a bad dog...? Nopes. I'm epic. I'm gonna prance around and chase balls.

And I'm.learning wrestling. Oh that's fun. I get stuffed on my head and to try to bite! Ouch! That's my own paw!!!

Ugh. Dog not so tasty if it's me...


Bow wow wow yippy yo Yippy A!

We wants snacks! And pets

And who here has a sandwich? Cause I too like the sandwich. Would you happen to share your scrumptious sandwich with me? I would really appreciate it...


This is blockchain gold @zeusflatsak. You're such a good boy!