FlowerPatch browser based crypto cannabis breeding game

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Hello fellow Steemians, I'm here to introduce you to an in development Cannabis breeding game on the Ethereum blockchain called Flowerpatch. You can plant, and breed your strains right now, there's more planned to come as this year progresses.

My plant
Above is an image of the bud I own in game, you can view anyone's list of plants through the on site explorer. It's an unusual strain, The name, colors, and soil preference of each strain can vary, multiple combinations can lead to the same name, but, different coloration, soil preference, smell, and look.
My plant's stats
Above is the stats of my plant, I'm still new to the game, myself.
More stats
Land affinity is where the plant prefers to be planted, my Agent Orange likes to be planted in soil, instead of snow, lava, water,etc. They have some epics, and legendary strains for sale on the site, some of them I'd love to grab, but, I'm not in a position to spend money on them.
The legendary's for sale
Some of the Epics for sale

If you want to get started, right now, while they're still in the early phases pop on over to their discord server here https://discord.gg/BhCTXkZ Read the quick start guide for a way to get a free flower. You can look at my collection here my strains
If you feel like donating to help the cause:

Erc-20 compatible eth wallet address: 0xAa09c6ad610C0fB4C52B67aE1b84b94975249e1D

Bitcoin wallet address: 3EhHNPH12kzuCgvYw77XGHg53ZrVBcgNHK

Mannabase wallet: GVcZ8xabPYgvL2ADCnKwroWmeVo9yYcXkB

gridcoin wallet: S8JyHccSEpNSTFBkzXKfeuQXCYk76MnUuY

paypal for noncrypto: paypal.me/TNida

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/35EWUUHZ8A3K6?ref_=wl_share

ref links:

SteemMonsters: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=taintedblood

Gods Unchained: https://godsunchained.com/?refcode=0xAa09c6ad610C0fB4C52B67aE1b84b94975249e1D

mannabase: https://www.mannabase.com/?ref=vNFsukLPAQ

Publish0x: https://www.publish0x.com?a=w9aAM4PavM

earn free eos for watching videos: https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/hjp9n307

earn free stellar for watching videos: https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/qks6gh0m


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