AJ under more fire from truth.

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This issue is close to my heart since I was trapped in this echo chamber for at least 11 years. People are now waking up to the controlled opposition. You know when you are over the target when you receive the flak.


Gold rules while wealthy people continue to be defensive. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-07-10/rich-people-become-poorer-first-time-8-years

Looks like Gold is rhyming soon. I would love if tradingview charts went back as far as they could go.

I have been stacking many coins with the Aircoins app and teaching my people to do the same. I found .001 dash there. I am going to get my gaming kid to link up the FPS accounts to stack photon for every kill. There are some neat coins on Aircoins.

Here is an interesting study on Cannabis workplace safety. With more people using cannabis they suspect people using cannabis is safer than using more harmful drugs. Good to see a study proving common sense. https://420careers.com/legalizing-medical-marijuana-could-make-workplaces-safer/

Oh look more proof human caused climate change via CO2 emissions is fake. Does anyone even know that the smith munt modernization act permits government to lie to you? https://newstarget.com/2019-07-12-climate-change-hoax-collapses-new-science-cloud-cover.html

Doing the best I can to support a community that allows people to Express themselves freely. Helping to Ressurect the Republic with RepublicBroadcastingNetwork. Truth is on talk radio. If you want to return the favor then you can support me below.

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Dash is the best crypto still. Even though it is just now rolling out dapps. Dash is the most utilized crypto. I would love it if i get some here. XwalqU1USSaXHgTsCGFhryBvuUPFyNrfZb
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