All Governments Rest On Violence (HOW THEY ARE TYRANNY IN ESSENCE!)

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-Emma Goldman VS control of mind. God/Religion= Makes you feel like you are inferior. I am taking notes for my political sciences class here; S T A T E = Control of conduct (((VIA FORCE))). Private VS personal property; control of the means of life; enslaved labor= ALIENATION OF THE PHYSICAL WORLD.

-"Better"= Free though= Think and judge for yourself.

-Free association= True social harmony from solidarity of interests.

-Free activity= Self-determined (+Creative) work.

-Liberation of mind and liberation of body.

-What if "the state." (Of state-like structures; perpetrates more violence than it prevents?

-What if "crime"= Almost entirely from unjust/violent social structures?

-Does state power ever/commonly act for the interests of the large mass of the population?


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