SWAT Team Raids House With Controversial Plants

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SWAT raids are arguably more deadly than cannabis itself, but that hasn't stopped the government from utilizing this commonplace tactic to crackdown on grow operations in various places. A full tactical unit to deal with some controversial plants that have been known to bring healing to people for centuries.

When SWAT shows up and goes after the growers and plants, the media calls it a "drug house" bust, but it's also simply a bust of a house with a few plants. Of all the criminal activities they could've focused on that day, such as investigating the fastest rising criminal enterprise in the country like human trafficking, instead they are focused on retaining community safety by capturing some controversial plants and what are likely to be peaceful cannabis users.

Just recently, a SWAT team in California, dressed in full tactical gear, raided what was suspected to be a home with too many cannabis plants. This, despite recreational legalization in the state and it having one of the largest cannabis markets in the world. In this scenario, the neighbor of the grow house had allegedly complained to the state on multiple occasions about what they had seen, plants growing, and about the unappealing smell they allegedly had to endure while passing by.

A discomforting smell or someone's personal feelings being triggered are all it takes to prompt some individuals to call for a SWAT team to bring a life-or-death situation to someone's front door on one random Monday afternoon.

There have been numerous occasions where SWAT teams have launched various drug raids only to end up wrongfully targeting the wrong house and many innocent people have lost their lives as a result. Heavily armed tactical police units shouldn't be necessary for policing plants and what are essentially peaceful personal choices.

Why create a criminal where there isn't one? Why ruin a life that is arguably striving to help and improve others? What does it say about a society that doesn't allow people to grow their own plants on their own property without being subjected to a SWAT team in-return?

Over the years we have witnessed as thousands, tens of thousands of individuals have passionately called on the state and local authorities to respect their natural right to trade and grow this plant, but those calls are ignored for decades. But yet it only takes one or two voices of complaint to gear up the SWAT team response and crackdown on some houseplants. They should be ashamed of themselves for wasting their time and the communities resources on perpetuating a war against personal freedom.


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Or how about they bust somebody with a few pounds and they call them a 'kingpin', then to top it off the list the value of the drugs as the most highest number, and what is really worth 1000$ they list it as 20,000$, smh.

lol, yeah... that's a very good point. Isn't the war on drugs fun?

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dont know what that is? lol i have been wondering where ppl post from when using that many though 😭

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@doitvoluntarily, It's so unfortunate and I can just Pray about it. Stay blessed and stay safe.

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i had hoped that stupid crap like this was going to at least decrease in frequency after legalization started taking hold. I wonder if there is more to the story but still, tragic and well honestly, not very surprising because it is still the police force.

interesting information greetings friend ..

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Wow Great Post.

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I have mentioned it a few times, you are abusing the ReggaeSteem rewards pool with your off-topic posts about Cannabis, California police enforcement etc. in a Reggae and Jamaican culture forum.

Please stop abusing the rewards pool and make your posts more relevant to Jamaica, Ganja and other aspects of rasta culture or don't use the tag in the off days.



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So no raids on peaceful cannabis users in Jamaica then?

I'm not really sure about Jamaica, the Caribbean or Cannabis. I just know weed and some aspects of Jamaican culture go hand in hand, just ask Rastacat