Mixing Cannabis with Gun Rights

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Should medicinal and recreational cannabis users be prohibited from possessing a firearm to protect themselves or to hunt etc?

That is a growing debate that now seems to be taking place today.

Lawmakers in Minnesota are already seeking this freedom for medicinal cannabis patients.

The discussion is taking place in PA now too.

Veterans are asking the question and wondering why their right to gun ownership which is protected by the constitution, be up for debate simply because they use cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Mental health authorities in one region or another are going to be expected to weigh in and give their opinion on whether or not they think this to be a good idea. And all along with the wave of legalization we have seen one health official after the other try to fight back against this change, against the freedom of patients to choose for themselves even when it is a natural substance like cannabis.

Millions of cannabis patients around the U.S. have their gun rights infringed because it is still federally prohibited and included on the controlled substances list. Until this changes, or states amend their current legislation surrounding this issue, many are left without that right to hunt or protect themselves etc. They might just simply want to be a gun collector, and never mean no harm to anyone by doing it, but the state stands in the way on this.

Individuals around the U.S. should have cannabis freedom just as much as they should have gun freedom, natural rights that shouldn't be infringed upon by any other or group of others.



Here we go again, the Authoritarian World Govern-cement wanna-bes, The Powers that shouldn't Be are engagint the public into a pointless discussion.

There is no discussion being had.
There is only a dedicated, continuous push to get guns away from citizens.

And they will try everything they think may be successful, and support the narrative through the MSmockingbirdM.

This entire thing is a charade.
Cannabis was never legallized, it was just bait to get people hooked, outted and attackable through previous programming of "don't use drugs" campaigns.

Any who show up to the table to negotiate should know that they are just playing the fool, the sucker.