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RE: Traditional Natural Medicine Rather Than Western-Style Magic Bullet - Bringing Cannabis HOME To Where It's Always Grown Like A Weed.

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This is absolutely heartening to read! I've bookmarked that study for later reading.

When they legalized cannabis in Canada it was not to heal people or help people - it was so the government could rake in cash. The products are expensive, in fancy, unnecessary packaging and everything is grown in massive buildings with science controlling every aspect.

We are allowed to grow four plants at home but a lot of people don't understand the plant or know how to garden (nor do they have the inclination to learn). I love the idea of using wild unmodified strains, growing the plants in the garden alongside other vegetables, and learning to formulate it with other herbs for maximum benefit. That is exactly how it should be.


You might find this new study interesting too. New super-charged CBD low THC strains probably NOT be where it's at. But we nat med lovers already sense and know what science is beginning to ratify.