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RE: Traditional Natural Medicine Rather Than Western-Style Magic Bullet - Bringing Cannabis HOME To Where It's Always Grown Like A Weed.

Cannabinoids actually work optimally in synergy with other phytochemicals.

This makes perfect sense, there are so many amazing plants that once you know and understand them, then you find out how they compliment one another. I agree completely about the whole bigger stronger attitude, I believe we need to be taking things that work more gently and deeply in our bodies,not this high dose bang here it is sort of treatment. Slow and gentle that is how it is with herbs and we need to respect and honour that. Oh my but some people just do not understand that. This was a wonderful and very informative read, thank you for this @artemislive sxx


If we all just challenge and vanquish this "bigger, stronger, faster" idea in our own corners of the world and as we encounter it daily, we WILL change the world.