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How do I get lotus? at present, my vote value is zero in here but I am not sure how to get it because I did not see it on steem engine or else is it airdrop? I had also asked on discord but I guess no one noticed it, probably.

All the best and am sure naturalmedicine and lotus will reach greater heights because more and more people are now turning to natural healing and the rich nature.

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@sayee You can earn Lotus in a few ways. You can stake it, post from front end, enter contests, use the tag and curate others with the tag. Later I will send you some personally to get you going. Xxx You can also buy it in Steem Engine.

Thanks, dear. I will surely try steem engine also. Thanks for the help and timely reply

Hi @sayee you may have already found LOTUS in steem-engine, but if the token is not showing up please select the "Tokens" section at the top of the steem-engine page and type "LOTUS". Some tokens won't show up unless you seek them out and type them in the search bar.
When doing a search it's "laggy" and takes a little while to load. Also you can just press the "enter" key after typing because it's easy to accidently select the "BUY ENG" button next to search bar lol hope this helps lot.png