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We've been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately, sharing good Natural Medicine posts on Steem and connecting with other wellness bloggers. Doing so, we came across this wonderful list by Eclectic Witchcraft, listing topics that every budding herbalist should research. We were compelled to share it with you, knowing it will give you some topic inspiration! Not everyone can afford or has the time to go and pay for a herbalist course, but deep dives into any of the following topics would expand your knowledge immensely!

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Things That Every Beginner Herbalist Should Research

From Eclectic Witchcraft

What are adaptogens?
What are alteratives?
What are aromatics?
What are astringents?
What are bitters?
What are nervines?
What are carminatives?
What are diaphoretics?
What are diuretics?
What are emollients?
What are expectorants?
What are tonics?
What are common delivery methods for herbal remedies?
How do you use a compress?
How do you use an essential oil?
How do you use a decoction?
How do you use an extract?
How do you use an infusion?
How do you use an infused oil?
How do you use a liniment?
How do you use a poultice?
How do you use a salve?
How do you use a syrup?
Necessary and helpful tools for herbalists
The history of herbalism
Local, state, and federal laws of herbalism
Common local plants that can be harvested for remedies
What plants are common in your area?
What are the home remedies in your local area for certain ailments?
The theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine
The theories of Ayurvedic medicine
The theories of plant spirit medicine
The theories of Indigenous or Tribal Medicine
The theories of Western herbalism
The theories of the Eclectics
Plant identification skills
How to wildcraft ethically
How to grow and harvest your own herbal remedies
Dosages of specific plants for specific ailments
Herbal nutrition
How to use kitchen herbs as medicine
Herbalism for preventative health
How specific cultures use herbs
How to understand scientific names of plants
The use of fermentation in herbalism
How to make a materia medica
Herbal remedies as beauty products
Herbal remedies for female issues
Herbal remedies for male issues
Herbal remedies for children
Herbal remedies for the elderly
What extraction medium is best for specific plants
Where to find herbs locally, either in the wild or in stores
Common herbalist vocabulary
Language to avoid using as an herbalist

Of course you don't have to limit yourself to these topics, or perhaps your post will dive deep into only a small aspect of these topics! If you aren't sure, please get in touch.


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One of my favorite herbalists of late always says "you are smart enough to do this, I don't care who you are." I want to extend those words to everyone that reads this post. To be a herbalist, you don't need to go to some fancy school and spend lots of money. Did the first herbalists do that? Nope, they lived a life in and with nature and learned that way, not through a college. Absolutely incredible challenge, it may be getting my juices flowing.

How funny. The first on the list is adaptogens and someone else has just been posting to a herbalist page on Facebook on this very topic. I think the universe might be trying to tell me something!

They are definitely most needed in this age.. YES... write about it! You know how a trending post looks, right? :)

I don't know about trend worthy, but I can only try. Give me a few weeks! 😆

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Re-steemed to help spread the word and potential interest of potential contributors...(Too many *potentials???) I should have consulted my Thesaurus.

Thank you so much. I love the way potential has the word potent in it as it seems apt xx

Yes...indeed it does... :>)

This is a great list of incredible topics! I would love to dive into everything here (goes into hibernation to write articles for all of the above) ;) I'm so excited to see attention being brought to these important topics! Huge gratitude for this movement!

Feeling hugely grateful for your enthusiasm xx

Just came across this page on our cacao research, the pancakes at the bottom of the page sure look good!

Thanks for sharing! WE can't wait to see an in depth post about your research soon!

 2 years ago Reveal Comment