Sharing The Lotus Love: Rewards for Delegators Posting Great Natural Health Content!

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For over a year now our great curators have been putting out A post on Mondays, celebrating natural health content on Steem. We have upped the abundance stakes as every week the person curating is given part post beneficiary, plus, one celebrated author gets 5 percent of the post rewards. I have decided that I will do an extra curation of ONLY delegator content once every few weeks or so, or as the mood takes me! I plan to set the selected authors to recieve part post beneficiary, giving them a little ROI but also a nod to the effort they put in for the #naturalmedicine tag.

This week has been a fairly busy one, whether or not it's because of the little steem pump we had or may be we have settled into a routine again post Christmas. Maybe there's just a little LOTUS love in the air. Whatever it is, I'd like to acknowledge the following delegators for their great posts this week. Each of you have been set at 15 percent beneficiary - we hope it brings a little smile to your gorgeous faces. The rest, of course, is powered up - giving YOU bigger upvotes and contributing to prize pools for our challenges.


@minismallholding's post got me kinda mad this week. She philosophises how we're not really living how we're meant to be living - overworked in systems that don't nurture our mental health. In the end, whilst going back to nature can be bloody tough, it's ultimately a better place to be.

When I think about all this, the appeal of nature starts to become apparent. You see nature is transparent in how she works. She doesn't ask for money or for proof of who you are and if you're allowed to be there. Nature has a cycle which means everything has its function and use and everything feeds everything else. As long as you have water, there will be life. If you're growing a garden you can spend money on things to help it grow, but if you don't have any money, you don't have to buy things. Nutrients come from other organic matter that is cast off by plants and animals. Water comes from the planet itself, although governments and corporations are even trying to control that. Plants and animals don't know borders, they live where the climate allows for their survival and that is their proof of whether they're “allowed” to be there.


I also loved @fennglen's post about purslane. I know @ligayagardener's a fan as well. I love any post on wildfoods - it really speaks to me of being independent, resourceful and resilient. Exactly what you need to be in an apocalypse, as he writes below!

If the apocalypse is to hit us eventually you’ll want to be acquainted with this poorly understood “weed” as it will be for sure one of the few plants hardy enough to resist everything and stay to witness the recovery of Earth.

We shared this one on Twitter - you may have noticed some of you have been shared there so we can spread the Natural Medicine word. If you share a #naturalmedicine post on Twitter, do feel free to add this little footer to your posts or the #naturalmedicine posts you share. I'll include to the code so you can just copy and paste if you like!

![ on Twitter - @lotus_medicine]( on Twitter - @lotus_medicine

The third post I've enjoyed this week is actually more part of a series. @edouard is new to the Natural Medicine tribe and he's going to be doing a curation for Mindful Life soon. He's been joining in the Abundance Meditation challenge and I've loved reading his journey. He's meditating with his Mum too which is super cool. I love this photo of him dancing flamenco as he reflects on prana or the life force of breath as it moves through the body in dance.


A Thank You to Our Delegators - Here's to Abundance to Us All in 2020!!

There has been some extra lovin' donations in the last week. We thank @theycallmedan for his 1000K delegation for the year, which we used wisely. As it needed to be returned, we put a shout out for support and it returned a million fold - thanks @artemislives, @quochuy, @nateonsteemit, @trucklife-family, @agiftoflove, @whatamidoing and @bia-birch for either upping your delegations or adding a little of what you can to the kitty. @tribesteemup has delegated a whopping 5000 too and I personally added another 500 - we're now at over 42,000 SP which is great - hence, these abundance posts where we can share a little with you guys! Thanks to @canadiancoconut too for her ongoing support - we couldn't do this without her generosity, and the generosity of you all!

If you notice I haven't moved you up a delegator level, do let me know - sometimes it's hard to keep track of these things as there is so much going on in the Steemiverse!


1000+ SP: Fungi Delegators

@immarojas @riverflows @tribesteemup @walkerland @stortebeker @vincentnijman @yangyanje @bewithbreath @alchemage @whatamidoing

500 - 699 SP: Lavender Delegators

@missdeli @porters @trucklife-family

300 - 499 SP: Clover Delegators

@artemislives @enjoyinglife @hopehuggs @metametheus @nainaztengra @nateonsteemit @phillyc @richardcrill @blessedgirl @quochuy

200 - 299 SP: Yarrow Delegators

@amico @anttn @bearone @cmplxty @digitaldan @holisticmom @mountainjewel @solominer @zen-art @wildhomesteading @goldenoakfarm @minismallholding

100 - 199 SP: Dandelion Delegators

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0 - 99 SP: Mint Delegators

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A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

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I really liked @fenngen's purslane post too!! Nice idea to do the extra curation.

Thanks :D


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Great posts, thanks for including me :D little typo though with my account name and it happens a lot here hahaha wonder why you added that L in between and stuck with it lol. Thanks for all your work and dedication to bring together this awesome community!

Sorry lovely. Easy error. Should be okay for the beneficiary though xx

No problem! Thanks!

@naturalmedicine, Good to read these encouraging words. And also good to see that you are coming up with Community Development steps team.

Good wishes from my side and keep growing. Stay blessed.

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A great selection of articles! Keep up the good work riverflows :)

Is it possible to delegate Lotus Power?

I love this idea, promoting the community more and spreading the love. Such a wonderful selection this of posts week xxxx

I love this idea, as the delegators are an absolutely amazing source of wisdom and information.

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