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The last curation of the year! Woo hoo! I wasn't even going to DO one - in fact, we pencilled in a break for the New Year, and things have been quiet on Steem as you know - but there's a few great posts that I just had to share. Plus, I realised that it was CURATION NUMBER 70 and coincidentally, we turned 70 this week!! We're also passing 33,000 Steem Power - woo hoo! Each time you upvote, delegate, resteem or comment on our posts you make our collective stronger - and those rewards flow on to YOU - a beautiful abundance we're super proud to create for all of us.

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@fennglen wrote an awesome post about the difference between orgasm and ejaculation. He writes, in this post:

Sexual pleasure apparently goes way beyond the stroking of genitals and can exist even without any touch. If you close your eyes now and focus you should be able to summon at least some slight sexual pleasure. If you can’t, it would be good to ask yourself why as your sexual energy could be needing some attention. I think the main idea we can rescue from here is that there is a difference between orgasm and ejaculation. To begin developing our sexuality to another level it’s necessary to deconstruct ideas like “it’s unhealthy not to ejaculate”, “you’ll get blue balls” or “ejaculation is the natural way to finish sex”.

I'm not sure if we've ever curated a comment before, but we also loved @steemchiller's response - engagement adds sooo much value to these conversations!

I want to add that orgasms drain much of our energy as soon as white fluid leaves the body. The first step is to learn to let out only clear/transparent fluid, which in my experience does not decrease but instead increase the body's energy hugely. I'm always highly regenerated and awake after the process and the positive effects can last for days. If by accident it has come to far and the point of no return has been reached, there are also ways to prevent an ejaculation by applying physical pressure on the right spot (between anus and the scrotum might be the easiest way).The longer the session lasts the crazier it gets and there is no better thing in life than feeling such orgasms in the whole body all the way up to the brain and experiencing complete mental clarity through that. I don't want to go to much into technical details here, but I can say that it's all less about penile and more about prostate stimulation. Men, who have never experienced an inner (prostate) orgasm and think that it's gay to experience the best feeling on earth, have clearly been brainwashed by the mainstream culture. I hope they will eventually discover the healing effects and benefits for their body and soul.


On a COMPLETELY different tack, @missdeli shares a gorgeous recipe for what we here in Australia call BLISS BALLS. Not blue balls, bliss balls. We've switched posts now! Keep up! If these don't tempt you... well, go back to your non ejaculatory orgasms.



@artemislives got contemplative on a beach in Thailand, and outlined some really interesting information about getting your early morning sunlight dose, confirming this musing with real data that is absolutely worth taking a look at.



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@vegansofsteemit hosted an awesome contest about sharing your vegan Christmas - check out the #vegansofsteemit tag, as well as @lenasveganliving's #fruitsandveggiesmonday and #veganwednesday, hosted by @lotusfleur
@bewithbreath paid homage to Ram Dass - vale Ram Dass
@bia.birch made coconut chia panckaes - she's a new Steemian, go give her some support!
@colibrifolkremedies made their first steem post - they're a new user too, so give them some lovin' when you can!


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Well what a nice surprise to be featured in the 70-70 curation. Thank and gratitude form the beach in Vietnam, where I MIGHT just have one last NM post in me for the year. :)

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Congrats Natural Medicine!


I wish you extreme longevity

Congratulations on the 70 @naturalmedicine. The progress is commendable and you are doing so wonderful. Lots of love and success for the community

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