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RE: F**K Glycophospates: Make Muesli Bars

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+1 for fig/walnut and orange/chocolate! That sounds super good.

Your number 1 source of dietary glyphosate is going to be wheat. Sunflower is another big one that folks don't suspect. It is used in the harvesting process for both of those because it dries the plants out to make harvest easier.

USDA certified organic facilities can still use glyphosate in the soil (source).

It's hard to escape. Damn near impossible, actually. I heard someone on a podcast cite a study that showed that organic options had comparable levels in all foods tested.

I've come to the conclusion that certified organic food should be considered the absolute lowest acceptable quality food a person should consume. The best option is to grow or raise it yourself or to know the person that did and the process they use.

More and more, I'm adopting the idea that "if I buy it at the store, it's not fit to eat." Small progressive changes.

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I think its even worse in America than here.... i do hope they get on it quickly now. We dont eat alot of wheat and i use biodynamic flour to make my own bread. You are right though.. as much as you can grow yourself is best way to go.

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