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RE: F**K Glycophospates: Make Muesli Bars

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Roundup is very dangerous! It’s a big issue on my country! There was big struggle between groups of farmers and educated people putting pressure on the government, with lots of evidence of its harmful effects, to stop selling Roundup and make it illegal to import into the country. During the last few minutes of the official debate, civil servants, respectable academics and researchers asked for two years’ delay in enacting the law! So, sellers still push roundup to be used by farmers!

I guess these people got a lot of funds and research scholarships from the chemical companies!! And people continue to die from cancer like flies!

Very bad karma indeed!

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Its AWFUL karma!!! I can never understand why they delay these things. Yet two years is better than nothing i suppose.. at least they are goung to stop! Monsanto have been totallt responsible for a lot of deaths... not just round up. They are absolutely demons from hell!

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