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RE: Traditional Natural Medicine Rather Than Western-Style Magic Bullet - Bringing Cannabis HOME To Where It's Always Grown Like A Weed.

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Great post! A few years ago I got to visit Thailand, and it is the most magnificent place I’ve ever seen! I dream of returning and now will be on the lookout for your natural cannabis healing oils. And, even though I’m from the USA, I have seen no good come from America forcing their way of life on other countries. It is such a arrogant and ignorant stance.

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Hit me up for a coffee when your next in Northern Thailand, Cindy! Or maybe see you at #SF4?? The US bigger-better-faster way of doing almost everything is simply not sustainable. Appreciate your comments. There are some REALLY cheap flights if you time it right..... LOL

Don't think I will make it to the #SF4. But, I just might take you up on that coffee offer! When I go back, I definitely want to spend more time at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, And I have a notification set up for flight prices, so don't be surprised when I tell you I'm on the way! ;-)

Let me know when to put the kettle on then LOL.... ENP is less than an hour's drive from my home in Mae Rim. :) Welcome.

What!?! That is great! Thank you for the hospitality!

hehe... I make good coffee. And we love ENP.

Just perfect! Meant to be!