Gotta Love that Indica structure!

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A Quality Smoke incoming!

As we near week 5 already we have full structure showing on the Delicious Seeds 11 Roses and she looks amazing to say the least! its a shame this isnt a better yeild but the quality of this is just immense.

I must pay extra gratitude to this baby as i will not be continuing her after this run. I ha e decided to try a different seed but from the same seed bank with a very good back cross history.

I have enough meds for this season to now kick back and await the last of the cures.. but i am hoping to start collecting pollen from one last cutting of her just to have a play with! 😎

I will certainly keep that one posted up with regular insight on how I cross my faves.

Follow me @callmecrypto and as always big ups to all the bud lovers @canna-curate and @weedcash for a great community!

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Good Planting !DERANGED

Great looking bud!

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What a looker! Nice growing.

Beautiful Photo!!!
Just Gorgeous!!