Traditional Natural Medicine Rather Than Western-Style Magic Bullet - Bringing Cannabis HOME To Where It's Always Grown Like A Weed.

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It's only the last 35 years that Thailand succumbed to western Christian influence and made Cannabis illegal. It comes from here, it grows like the proverbial weed here (hence the name) in ideal natural, northern Thai, organic conditions, and it has been part of the local Traditional Thai Medicine culture for eons. Until the American missionaries came, post Vietnam war. Even in the 1980s and 1990s, weed was cheap, plentiful, organic, local and very easy to buy here in Chiang Mai.

And then came western-American style prohibition. HEAVY jail time for possessing even small quantities of cannabis. Trafficking? Yes, Thailand DOES still execute drug traffickers and not always with an international public news release on the side.

Possession and use of cannabis for recreational use remain a crime, as does selling or prescribing it unless you are a registered Traditional Thai Doctor, licensed and trained specifically in the dispensation of one of the 16 approved ancient herbal formulas. No, you won't be able to import cannabis oil here legally, anytime soon.

You see, unlike the western world which is competing for bigger-stronger-higher cannabinoid levels and new strains, Thailand has chosen to return to old, traditional, herbal formulations which use wild cannabis strains as a base, and which blend it with other, complementary Asian herbs.

A western friend made this remark on my facebook post just yesterday:

"I was with American consultants and Thai investors this past week as they were passing through on a tour of potential grow sites and locations for labs. They have 1000 rai of land ready to go in Phitsanulok and more in Chiang Rai; the problem is that the strains they are working with so far here in Thailand do not have sufficient cannabinoids etc to make decent grade medicine. There is serious science going on in Colorado to develop strains that will flourish here."

Which is such a WESTERN way of looking at things. More, bigger, stronger makes better, faster medicine. NOT. Actually it is the antithesis of what good natural medicine teaches, and quite contrary to what the Thai Traditional Medicine ministry is working towards.

"Dr Marut Jirasetasiri, director of the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine, said on Friday that his department had compiled 16 old formulas that had cannabis as the main content. Some of them were currently in use but without the cannabis content because it was previously banned." Source

Cannabinoids actually work optimally in synergy with other phytochemicals - there are many clinical studies suggesting cannabinoid levels are not the primary concern, but it's the helper phytochemicals which make them bio-available and enhance therapeutic effect. Here's one study but there are literally hundreds, if you care to wade through the bowels of PubMed and know where to look.

And so the western idea of producing pure cannabis oil with higher and higher cannabinoid levels as a magic bullet for everything from a sore toe to cancer and depression is being quietly sidestepped, Thai style, with the backing of science. Or, to put it a little more bluntly, the ancient Asian therapeutic knowledge is taking precedence over the dollar driven American idea of bigger is better.

16 ancient cannabis-based herbal formulations are in process of being approved by the Thai Public Health Ministry. These 16 formulations are obviously NOT being discussed or disclosed until patents are completed, but it is known that formulations include complementary Asian herbs which enhance the therapeutic effects of the cannabinoids.
Clinical trials of all 16 formulations commence in July, 2019, with an estimated 1000 people being tested with each formulation. You can read more about that program Here. Specifically, the Thai Traditional And Alternative Medicine Department has confirmed that it plans to grow only Thai strains of cannabis that were (and are) pivotal to the highly effective natural medicines

Thailand is bringing cannabis back to it's home - but as a part only of an incredibly rich, diverse, ancient healing and herbal culture.


2,948 licensed Traditional Thai Medicine practitioners have already completed the training processes and are in the licensing process. The first 5 cannabis formulations are ready for debut. The Thai government - already a global leader in the production of NON-Big-Pharma generic medicines - has confirmed the cannabis formulations will be readily available at an affordable price.

Meanwhile, I quietly celebrate a culture which steadfastly believes in its own way, which upholds science and good natural medicine practice, which is no longer following America's lead on everything and which KNOWS the value of its own, ancient herbal medicine.

BlissednBlessed in my Thai natural world.

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Oh my gosh, this is awesome. I've been wondering for so long about why the hell we're making "pharmaceutical" weed. That's not the point. It's not meant to be stornger, bigger, faster! There's patience and love in natural medicine, and the stupid Western industrial paradigm really doesn't need to be forced on NM. Resteemed, carry on. 💚

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The western industrial paradigm doesn't work, long term, for ANYthing. It needs to fall and I'm happy to pick up my sledgehammer and do my bit. Appreciate the resteem, Nate. Thank you.

This is absolutely heartening to read! I've bookmarked that study for later reading.

When they legalized cannabis in Canada it was not to heal people or help people - it was so the government could rake in cash. The products are expensive, in fancy, unnecessary packaging and everything is grown in massive buildings with science controlling every aspect.

We are allowed to grow four plants at home but a lot of people don't understand the plant or know how to garden (nor do they have the inclination to learn). I love the idea of using wild unmodified strains, growing the plants in the garden alongside other vegetables, and learning to formulate it with other herbs for maximum benefit. That is exactly how it should be.

You might find this new study interesting too. New super-charged CBD low THC strains probably NOT be where it's at. But we nat med lovers already sense and know what science is beginning to ratify.

Great post! A few years ago I got to visit Thailand, and it is the most magnificent place I’ve ever seen! I dream of returning and now will be on the lookout for your natural cannabis healing oils. And, even though I’m from the USA, I have seen no good come from America forcing their way of life on other countries. It is such a arrogant and ignorant stance.

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Hit me up for a coffee when your next in Northern Thailand, Cindy! Or maybe see you at #SF4?? The US bigger-better-faster way of doing almost everything is simply not sustainable. Appreciate your comments. There are some REALLY cheap flights if you time it right..... LOL

Don't think I will make it to the #SF4. But, I just might take you up on that coffee offer! When I go back, I definitely want to spend more time at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, And I have a notification set up for flight prices, so don't be surprised when I tell you I'm on the way! ;-)

Let me know when to put the kettle on then LOL.... ENP is less than an hour's drive from my home in Mae Rim. :) Welcome.

What!?! That is great! Thank you for the hospitality!

hehe... I make good coffee. And we love ENP.

Just perfect! Meant to be!


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Damn - all that CAKE @helpiecake LOL.... is there a cheese version for those of us who are not sweet tooths?? Really appreciate the resteem and the support @vibesforlife. :)

My husband and are thankful for the stronger cannabis oil made here in Colorado. We use less.

Glad you have a product working for you. You might find this study of interest: Thanks for stopping by.

You know, I never really knew, or thought about, the fact that Thailand was following America's lead on drug prohibition, but it makes sense. And it's heartening, as @walkerland says, that they are following natural and traditional methods to explore and deliver it as a medicine WITH other herbs - I bet that makes for fascinating reading, and it's such a refreshing approach to what everyone in America is doing. Keep us updated on this - would love to know what these formulas might include, even if it's just a vague idea. Fascinating, and a fantastic post!

Thailand was the US soldier's recreation zone during the Vietnam war. So much of Thai "western" experience is informed by it. It's only through much cheaper and accessible travel, and the internet, that Thai people are learning that "western", "developed" and "first world" is not equal to "American". Glad to have contributed in some way to the canna discussion.

Cannabinoids actually work optimally in synergy with other phytochemicals.

This makes perfect sense, there are so many amazing plants that once you know and understand them, then you find out how they compliment one another. I agree completely about the whole bigger stronger attitude, I believe we need to be taking things that work more gently and deeply in our bodies,not this high dose bang here it is sort of treatment. Slow and gentle that is how it is with herbs and we need to respect and honour that. Oh my but some people just do not understand that. This was a wonderful and very informative read, thank you for this @artemislive sxx

If we all just challenge and vanquish this "bigger, stronger, faster" idea in our own corners of the world and as we encounter it daily, we WILL change the world.

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