~FIRST Weedcah.Network Post~ Elder-Son Music: "Favorite Type of Weed" (From YouTube)

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For a while now I haven't been posting. There was a void in my life trying to be filled. Under constant stress my motivations have been quick or foolish to say the least. Piss poor planning leading to a detrimental lifestyle. Fortunately there is medical cannabis to heal render the harm caused from stress, almost unless. So I wrote a song about it.

But back to this 'void.' I'm trained in dealing table games. But after recent events in Las Vegas at the end of 2018 it seem as no one feels safe in the city. And who can blame them? A few months ago I tried getting back into it. The fit wasn't proper. So now I'm finding my calling at the VA (Veteran's Affairs),volunteering for services provided to my fellow veterans.

Enjoy the song.

Sorry to keep everyone waiting


Welcome to weedcash brother!! Keep posting those cannabis infused beats

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Fire! Blaze it and voted and shared