HUGE scrog update. **fencing extension** INSANELY TALL PLANT. :)

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IMG_1782  Edited.jpg
Hello Growers! Id like to share my recent addition to my scrog. I now have {3] sections of chicken fencing bungee corded together all the way across my vegetable garden.

This strain was made to be stress trained. Look how tall that sucker is! I am really curious how the actual bid sites are going to develop. Im going to continue to feed the stems through the metal fencing. Obviosuly i wont need the whole length of this new extension, but itll fill out probably around half way.

I am going to perform tie downs onto the fence with those few really tall tops.

Stay tuned! The plant is starting to really shoot upwards which means flowering cant be soon off! If you have never seen a really nice, thick and chunky sativa bud before you are going to want to follow this grow! I have late summers and no bugs.

Stay tuned. @a1-shroom-spores

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Large plant
In theory, you will have a harvest in early October.

My stalk is sativa.

Big Stalk! You could make a flute out of that!

Thanks for the advice.