Dealing With Inflammation

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Dealing with joint pain and inflammation due to arthritis can be exceptionally challenging, at times. There's very few things that can be done to relieve the symptoms, themselves, but I'm doing everything I can to combat it.

Currently, CBD oil and drinks and transdermal THC/CBD cream have been the biggest game changers to reduce the inflammation and give me the greatest relief to live as pain free and functionally as possible. Of course, I have a healthy regiment of joint supplements that help a great deal too.

I'm just starting this journey, but I'm happy to share what I can and hope I can help along the way. I've included a picture of the transdermal cream the I've been using for natural pain relief. Hope this helps just a bit.

Much love and stay well.



1:1 ratio, nice! Hope your pain gets under control.

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Thanks for the kind words. I have a pretty high pain threshold, so I'm lucky. It's tremendously effective as well. It gets to the nerve pain like nothing I've ever experienced and send to help with the inflammation the next day, reducing pain. The pain part is "easy" enough with the right approach. Strength, mobility and living my best life are the challenges I look most forward to. 😃

Does this have something that helps the cannabinoids enter the blood stream, or is this non psycho active, asking for a friend? ;)

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I have been loving 4:1 ratios of cbd to thc, but orally.

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