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Pretty standard image from my perspective. I help the locals get their internet installed occasionally and get to see this town from so many angles. Sometimes, they leave me alone and I get it all done myself. Sometimes they are helpful and it is like having an assistant. Other times, they are EXTREMELY keen, on edge, and overly helpful. This was one of those times.


People can be helpful for many reasons in this context. Perhaps they are bored? Worried I may damage their house with the holes I drill to run wires? Maybe they are just friendly and like helping out. To each their own and I take little issue with the reasoning. I am here in your home to help out, deliver internet, and get paid.



So, I am running a wire and get to sniffing. Either someone is having a party, or someone forgot to do his shirt laundry! Upon closer look, there are some interesting crops in the side yard?



Ah yes! There is the reason for the interesting aroma and extra keen help I am getting. So WWZD? (What would Zeke do?)

  • Crack a joke? "Your secret is safe with me Cheech"
  • Say nothing?


In the end, I decided to stay the course, install the internet and say nothing. If I mentioned anything and some other townie infiltrates the grounds to help himself, he would have my words echoing through his head. Don't you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby!

With the legalization in Canada, it seems the stigma is relaxing and people are more free to consume, converse, and cultivate freely. The first 2 are true but there are rules about the third. You can only have a plant or 2, and it cannot be visible by anyone from outside the property. I suspect this fella may not have too much regard for the rules.


I wish him the best of internet speeds, most bountiful of harvests, and smallest amount of jail time if he is busted. ;)



This has been another episode of Shit Zeke Sees. What would you have done?

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I would have done exactly what you did.
My daughter is working for a company that builds greenhouses with glass that blocks vision from the outside. They are getting a lot of business from pot growers.

That would be an awesome business to be in right now!!

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He looks blessed with a bountiful harvest.
I hope someome doesn't go into his yard and harvest it before he gets a chnace. I've heard the cops are just like um so they did some weeding and you are angry? You should be offering them some lemomade and munchies.

Hahah indeed.

When someone spends a whole summer caring and pruning and fertilizing and worrying over this, is would be a real let down if someone made off with it.

If someone did, there is no way he would go to the cops I suspect. He is breaking a couple laws with the location and number of plants.

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I know I would lose my mind if someone stole anything I was growing. I think someone was stealing some of my cherry tomatoes last year and I had 1000s. It just bothered me because I would have given it to them if they asked.
As far as I know, the reason why a lot of the regulations exist around cannabis in Canada is that the police know it is a magnet for crime. The last thing you want is a friendly neighborhood shoot up over someone defending their garden from criminals. There is enough money involved in that harvest to get yourself a nice garden shed that can be purpose-built.


Then they play the "think of the children" card. A local teenager gets wind, trespasses (and manages not to get hurt) and the parents get to the bottom of why their kid is so whacked and it spirals out of control.

A bunch of reasons to be careful and live within the law.

Well that is an interesting find lol. I guess if you ever need some you know where to go.

Kept the best choices for yourself. And may he harvest!!!

Haha I couldn’t poach any of his babies! I have enough that I don’t have to stoop that low.

Pretty funny thought though.

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Ha ha! High on your ladder you see it all!

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I keep my highs separate luckily for me.

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I keep my highs separate luckily for me. One at a time keeps me safer.

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jajajaja good harvest neighbor!!!

Hah! Too funny! I bet you get to see the best that humanity has to offer.

In this case, I probably would have done the same as you and said nothing. See no evil, hear no evil, etc.

Or I might have asked for some.

I had a cat once, when I was in school, who got into my neighbours greenhouse and ripped up all his pot. It was terribly funny. For me, anyway. The cat was high as a kite!

I bet! My better half is a vet and the amount of people that bring animals in in that state is big. It is one of the first questions they ask and the initial answer is “no” until it becomes “um actually”

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Hahah secret cultivator, here that is the same

So are we doing some midnight recon?

Wow that's a lot of marijuana growing in that back yard. It's interesting with legalization being so recent. I guess we will be seeing more and more of that.

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Indeed. Growing something yourself is good enough but when you save a couple hundred $ with this (compared to saving $2 on tomatoes) it is definitely going to become more popular.

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The last part is just too funny not to laugh out loud!

Haha glad you enjoyed it. :)

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I would have told him I accept tips..

Yah. The tips of one of those buds!

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Ha ha! Good choice! Yours, not his! 😉

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sweet grow!

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Your best bet was saying nothing ... lol ... to each his own .... when it comes to helping you ... and what they decide to grow in their garden ... lol .