Teach me how to blog! - Or really, what should I write about and where to begin?

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I appreciate all the support I got on my intro post and now time has slipped away and I've been silent. I apologize, this whole world is completely new to me, and frankly, I'm too old for this internet stuff! Really, I'm not and I am ready to explore and learn more, but right now, I'm facing that, "Where do I even start?" question and not really getting anywhere.

I wish I had a long list of interesting hobbies and side projects I could share, but I live a pretty simple life so I'm trying to think outside the box and discover new topics to explore or basically things I can write about here.

I guess, give me tags to explore here, people/groups to reach out to, or just a general path to get started around here. I tried just searching around, but the thing I saw clearly was how the community literally answers questions likes this so I thought I'd just throw this post up and see what sort of ideas and feedback you all might have.

Sorry for my clunky start, I am excited to find my way around here and get to know everyone better!


You’re off to a great start! Weedcash is a cannabis blog site that pays out in steem and WEED tokens. If you have any cannabis stories, news, reviews, etc. then it’s a wonderful community. LEO is another community that loosely focuses on investing/investment and has its own tokens to earn on top of the steem tokens. @freedomtribe is another great community focusing on freedom, @naturalmedicine is a great community, so is homesteading. There’s cooking and health too. We are happy to have you here. No matter what age we are, community is such an important part of life. I’m sure you will find some communities here that suit your interests and experiences.

This is a great suggestion, I'm gonna explore all these different communities. I guess that's a big part of it too, just explore this whole universe and see what's out there, which is a lot!

It's difficult to suggest something when you didn't mention any hobbies, just because they aren't interesting to everyone doesn't mean there aren't a few people here who would like to hear about them. Every Saturday, er um Caturday I just write about a cat who lives with us. Sometimes it's just random thoughts, the news, something you're good at, tv, etc.

Good luck!

Also drop thoughtful comments on people's blogs.

Haha, fair point, I did basically say, "I'm not interested in anything..." And I realize now I was way over-playing this like I have to come up with some amazing deep content. Duh, I can write about cats on Saturday, a good show on TV, or basically anything, lol.

At least I'm catching on...slowly!!