Weedcash and hive fund my cryptocurrency empire!!!

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Super most important is the top of my list my ethereum that I've been working on stockpiling.

Oh yeah baby I'm super excited.










Well I guess I'm doing a financial post today.

The current status of me and puppy dogs holdings.

Really wish there was way that I could copy and paste all of my balances and as well check out for what price I had originally bought which currencies however I am just trying to get a bunch of these currencies that I believe in and invest in good communities.

So yeah I have a big huge pile of new stake stuff including Spanish community coin and pesos Spanish tokens.

Anyway I am putting my funds into buying and selling tokens that I actually think have really good uses.

So I definitely bought into the Spanish speaking community of course. Because I see that as a very large up and coming community.

I also got some miners of different things. And wow. Just loving it for real...

And then my proof of brain holding is growing. Wow. That's a nifty one for sure.

And all the dreams? We are getting some.major growth.

And then learning how to trade. Buy and sell orders.

And I just relax and learn. And keep going forward.

Blaze it and let's smoke some herb today.



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Cool thank you

Sounds like a great start to everything. This curating account is focusing primarily on Weedcash, but our secondary favorites are Foodie, CreativeCoin, Lotus, and ASH. For pegged coins we want to focus more on Dogecoin and Ethereum in the future. We also speak Spanish but haven't really looked into SPACO just yet.

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Get that money!

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