So anyone in the mood too see my JUST NOW NEWLY constructed Expirimental Lab .Burn to the ground... ! (1000$ NFT BURNED)

in #leofinance4 months ago (edited)

Since the new changes took place it has become as anoying looking for a parking as it is out in the real world. *baramtzzzhh"...

For those who did´d get that starting joke, wich turns out to be 99,1% of people surveyed. (the 0.9% who did get it, they did not find it funny. Since it´s a joke referring too how hard it is to acqquier the now much needed "Parking" NFT (Non Fungiable Token) Card in the game.

But what is #dCity and where can i check it out? is a DeFi-Farming platform encompassing a game economy built with NFT tokens based on the hive-engine protocol. HIVE has fast and free transactions, all you need to do is set up your very own HIVE wallet and play along.


Lately i have been "burning" such cards... That is in laymans terms, totally annihalating / ruining the card forever, for both me. As well as the entire playerbase and community.


I have tthis past week burnned too the ground countless University Campuses, as well as my only Power reactor.

Declerations of responsibility i put here and .

So far the finger has been pointet at evrything from gangsta rap, too drug use.

Both are in part too blame, but new theories arise evry day by now. However tonight i will be continuing too RAWAGE through my own 2000+ HIVE worth city, apparantly "for shits and giggles" as i meself put it... refrencing the exact events of tonight when i intent to light a fire under the most grandioso of them all so far, The Expirimental LAB ...

However the only way you can witness that and expirience the thrill first hand!

Is by signing up for a city and watch it through text as the game log reccords the self mutilating terrorist act i intend to bring upon my own economical safety and well being, as well as brutally
and distaistful attack on my own population in the game.


I welcome your likes and comments of admiration, all commenting will be highly rewarded in #PIZZA tokens and #LUV ... not that i am soliciting the votes, it is after all the notoriety i am eventually after.

That and some drugs. talking of wich. i intend to get my ass up from the chair for a bit and use some... maybe that´ll work me up before tonights MAYHEM!

Eythorphoto the Notorius... (B.I.G.)... (common pleeease).


Lol, I always wanted a university campus. To increase my tech discovery chance.

But later, I realized, I was too poor to buy any labs😂 and to numb the pain, I kept buying weed dispensaries.

Anyhow, I never realized that 110% taxes could drive someone so crazy that they would burn their entire city.

When everyone is crying to lower the taxes to 99%, you just burn things.

At least you get to tell a story to your grandkids, "How to deal with taxes..."

As a toke on my... !LUV :)

That! my friend is legendary... :) here accept one of my rarest of !BEER .. s... :)


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LOL, thats how i roll homes!!!