Who Will be the Largest Cannabis Delivery Service?

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In many regions they are still banning cannabis delivery but for some areas that have growing cannabis markets today that means giving customers the choice to get it delivered. Why not get your medicine as easily as you order your beers, pizza, or birthday cake? Today customers want convenience and that is what cannabis delivery offers.

You've got cannabis drive thru operations, so there is obviously going to be demand for delivery as well and this sort of convenience in ordering. There is strong demand for cannabis delivery and this market has only just begun.

There is one company that is looking to come out ahead and might become the biggest cannabis delivery service in the U.S. and that is Eaze.

With operations that could cover regions like Colorado, Michigan, California, and Florida, there is huge potential for them to grow to become a dominant delivery player in the cannabis space.

cannabis order placed every 8 seconds

Last year Eaze saw an order being placed every 8 seconds. They have made millions of deliveries in the regions they operate. More than 7 million deliveries in California alone. There are hundreds of thousands of customers that have been using them to order their cannabis products.

Cannabis mobile pick-up, delivery, and drive-thru is the future of the cannabis market. Because cannabis consumers overwhelmingly want convenience when they order and speed goes along with that. Eaze is in a good position to be able to cater to that market and meet that demand as they grow around the U.S. to deliver millions of cannabis orders.


Hmmm many countries have ban smoking of cannabis but people hide to smoke it.Like Nigeria, people smoking it but they hide to smoke it.

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