Things Are Getting Better For The Cannabis Vape Market

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In the last several years the cannabis vape market has been plagued by stories of dangerous and illicit cannabis vapes that have sent many people to the hospital and been responsible for the deaths of several people. The media dubbed it a 'vape epidemic' and it no doubt turned many people off of trying black market vape products because they were worried about the quality. But still vape sales for cannabis, as well as CBD and other vape products, are still going strong.

Cannabis vape companies have seen a boom in business during 2020 as more people turned to consuming cannabis while at home and doing it in vape form is a more popular method of consumption.

Even though vape sales have been growing strong, edibles too especially CBD edibles, flower is still one of the most popular consumption methods for cannabis for millions.

The negative media attention because of the illicit vapes and low quality cannabis products that have been found in the market have caused a variety of problems, promoting reluctance with some to venture into trying new products perhaps. So now more people are opting for 'legal' cannabis vapes than black market varieties.

Quality is huge when choosing cannabis products, as well as design of the product, and other factors. Those vape products that can offer transparency and quality, so that consumers can trust what they are getting, are going to be the ones that win favor in the end. And various jurisdictions are increasingly requiring more testing and verification of products that are making their way into the cannabis market, but confirmation of quality is something that individuals value regardless if the government were the one to seek it.



Some companies, like Brass Knuckles or Heavy Hitters, used to have exceptional quality concentrates.

I wrote a top ranking review for about the Brass Knuckles Jack Herer Carts. At the time I was sampling it (maybe 2 years back), the oil just kicked me in the head. It was sooooo good. Not anymore. I can't even tell if it's a rip off or the real thing.

But I have found an incredible producer of Carts with supply in our area. Gonna blog about it today. 💨

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The media will push any narrative and do anything for their corporate sponsors... Yet, personally I'd rather use a bong or roll up instead of using a vape, all in all as the economy comes roaring back so will cannabis sales of all kinds.