First CBD Orange Peel Product Launched By Former NFL Player

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There are a wide variety of cbd items today in the market and one new item that is the first of its kind that will be selling nationwide in the U.S. is a cbd orange peel product.

That cbd orange peel product, peels, is being launched by a former NFL player, making it the first orange derived cbd oil on the market in the United States.

no hemp, no thc in the cbd orange peel oil

The cbd peels product is made from terpenes in citrus peels, meaning that there is no hemp and no thc involved here. The orange peels are sourced from citrus farms and would traditionally end up as waste but they are now being repurposed into a product like this, a cbd orange peel product.

Peels claims to use a certain proprietary process to create a cbd oil that has no hemp or thc in it, which allegedly has a better and more consistent and pure texture.

“Our product is legally labeled as CBD [because] its cannabinoid is molecularly identical or bio-identical to cannabis- and hemp-derived CBD in every way,... they act in the body in the same way, and have the same effects and benefits without the impurities and variability associated with regular CBD products.” - former NFL player C Hetherington

Of course, there are thousands of cbd products in the market. There are plenty of scams in the cbd market, products wrongly labelled and things that aren't what they say they are. That doesn't mean that there aren't also quality, trusted cbd sources as well. Cbd sources that are pure and reliable, with multiple market testing methods available to confirm this.

Overall, the orange peel cbd oil is going to help to potentially divert a great deal of orange peel waste. It can turn something into valuable cbd products that is often considered to be nothing more than garbage.

This is a cbd product that might help to bring more people into discovering what cbd is all about, especially knowing that this is a completely different alternative and one that isn't a hemp-derived cbd source. The cbd market in the U.S. is already a multi-billion dollar market that is expected to grow in the years to come despite seeming overly saturated already.


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Nice, great post. I was reading about using yeast to produce THC and CBD, like they do with beer.

Yay! 🤗
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This is cool but I see it being forced to or marketing will force it to be labeled as "derived from oranges". Great use for a waste product.