Businesses Having Hard Time Hiring Consider Dropping Drug Testing Requirements

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For some businesses in the United States that are having a difficult time hiring these days it has caused them to think about dropping their drug testing requirements in an effort to recruit more applicants.

There is a worker shortage in a variety of industries and for some businesses it has meant having to close the doors because they cannot find enough staff.

Whether offering a signing bonus to try and recruit people or now dropping drug testing, businesses are doing whatever they can to fill the spots they've got open.

Some of those businesses might be passing up on good candidates over marijuana, with their drug policies which could mean that cannabis users don't get the job.

There are now a growing number of companies that are considering this move, dropping the marijuana drug testing because of the progress that this market has made today and how easily it can keep good talent out. For various businesses lately it has been difficult to fill those vacant positions and now seems like the perfect time for more to shift the hiring approach and to stop discounting good candidates over a plant.

More companies opting to stop testing their employees for cannabis is going to give those medicinal users and other cannabis users a chance to seek out employment opportunities that once shut them out. Not only is this good for the companies in opening up to more capable candidates who they never should have discounted in the first place, but it also gives more cannabis users a chance to seek out that opportunity to do more as well and possibly find those better employment opportunities.


Interesting. They should also stop pressuring their current employees into taking an experimental gene therapy injection. Thanks for sharing my friend.

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