Argentina Makes Way For Home Growing of Marijuana

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Lawmakers in Argentina recently made changes to their medicinal cannabis rules, by making way for the self cultivation of marijuana for people in the region. One of the main reasons they want to do this is to give people better access to have the medicine that they need and they want insurance companies to also cover any cannabis prescriptions that are being written for patients.

Millions of cannabis patients have to pay hundreds, or thousands of dollars on a regular basis, if they are not allowed to grow their product at home. They are also unsure of what might be going into their product, along in the growing process, when they do not have that close control of being able to grow their own medicine right in their own home. But now that is going to change.

Pharmacies in the region are also going to start producing topical cannabis products and other items, this will offer more variety for patients and those who need it. Cannabis has great potential in being able to be used to produce thousands of different items. The market for cannabis started years ago in Argentina but there are still shortcomings for patients, who aren't able to afford the product or access what they need. The hope is that the new rule changes are going to address that issue, offering people more options but there will still be that heavy state control around all cannabis-related activities and market exchanges.

As of right now the rules surrounding many products and cannabis activities are too strict for patients and activists in the region have been pushing for some time to try and see some changes. They want to see the restrictions loosened so that people can get what they need, reap more value from this plant and all that it has to offer.

The Right To Grow At Home

People should have the right to grow cannabis at home just like they would any other plant, even more so because of the medicinal value that cannabis can provide to patients. This is going to help save patients thousands of dollars each year, depending on how much they use. Even though they might give limited freedom for growing though, you might still find them arresting people unjustly who are operating outside of the boundaries as they've been doing all along. But for many they are just glad to be able to have some process to gain that permission to grow their own, without turning themselves into a criminal for it.



Recreational use and free cultivation will bring benefits to the globe!

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When drugs were legal the humanity would be better because the criminal gang's would be desapears.

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