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RE: Lassecash update

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A truther tribe is a winning strategy in my opinion, but I agree it's very difficult to get people to migrate to this platform. I think it has to do with markup/html, along with some blockchain technicalities (which are easy once understood). Also, there are so many blockchain start-ups constantly coming up and people like cutting edge, but then they loose interest after a few months.

The potential here is huge. Having a "truther" token would be so cool and potentially valuable. I view lassecash as that "truther" token, more than any other crypto out there.

One thing I would miss with a rebrand is loosing the blue logo. Not a fan of yellow-black, reminds me of the failed smartcash that I was all about back in the day.



I agree, but if we begin to make real bucks they might come in bigger numbers.

The reason for the yellow-black logo is that its the colors of anarchocapitalism. I didnt decide if we use a new logo or not, but lean towards it, I also like the blue color, sometimes change is good for progress.

I got some brilliant ideas for our tribe today, I will share them as soon as I know more about the NFT tech Hive Engine are building in the coming months.

Having Jake on here could be a key point, because he has real friends in his audience all over the states, who love him and want to support him, imagine 10-20 of those came on here to reward Jake here, it would make a lot of buy pressure, but at this point in time its a pipe dream.

Keep in touch!