Irie Gift Shop To Accept JAHM Token, JAHM Wallet Beta

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*Epic ganja pipes and bowls at Irie Gift Shop in Negril, Jamaica

Stopped by a friends business yesterday, @shaunstorm who runs a duty free shop in Negril’s town centre. They accept Bitcoin $BTC, $ETH, $LTC and $XRP 🤮... and are ready to accept $JAHM— so long we can provide them with crypto QR sheets and a streamlined process to accept/send JAHM Tokens: a JAHM Wallet.

Although the JAHM Wallet concept is in it’s infancy, we need to ramp up our efforts at launching beta before or during the coming tourist season. Merchants foster adoption, for JAHM to become the crypto of choice in Jamaica and later the Caribbean— this must become a reality early on.

Team @ReggaeSteem is working on it in the background, more info soon, when available. If you are a Steem developer who can assist in return for staked JAHM, please join us in the ReggaeSteem Discord.

Regarding Irie Gift Shop Negril, I’ve scheduled a time to take photos and some item details for an official post and to add them to our list of tourism offerings/available JAHM merchants on The gift shop further rounds out our full packaged experiences and Tokenized Vacation rewards on ReggaeSteem.

Simply put, there’s hundreds of items available from toiletries to souvenirs— all (potentially) redeemable with JAHM Token.

We JAHM’in!

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A JAHM wallet would be a hugely beneficial tool to make on the ground onboarding easier, and drive adoption. I really hope you guys can make it happen.

... soon, make it happen soon lol 🍻😃 !BEER

yeah, it’s high priority and for merchant adoption it’s the only way

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Soon come mi Bredda, soon come 🙌🏼

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Hey @jk6276, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it!

Really liking that you are
informing the Reggaesteem tribe of
all the newest trends
being developed by the
team. Your are exuding

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I can’t help feeling confident with so much good vibes and growing interest around the project 😀

lol, I’m not the greatest blogger— started off as a quick update on a potential duty free shop accepting jahm and somehow the ‘jahm wallet’ plug spilled all over the post 😅

Cheers !BEER

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Hey @super-irie, here is a little bit of BEER from @donald.porter for you. Enjoy it!

this is very exciting!

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Yeah mon big ups with tourist season around the corner. Looking forward to all the future has in store. Pretty excited to kick it in Negril Bredda 😎

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I love beautiful crafts I hope to part of all the other crypto already accepted in Jamaica the Jahm can be accepted in the Caribbean greetings excellent written ..

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@donald.porter, This is great news brother and i am happy to see that ReggaeSteem Ecosystem is reflecting on the Path Of Evolution. Keep up the good work brother and your efforts are really appreciable. Stay blessed.

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Those rum wraps look nice

Nice choice 😆 ... the img was kinda random but taken at the Ire Gift Shop while those items were being delivered. More pics coming soon of the full gift shop in an official post from @reggaesteem

Cheers !BEER

Right on, and cheers my friend, !BEER

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This is quite interesting. A jahm wallet will sure take this community to the next level. Thanks for always working to improve the community. Curated by @olasamuel.

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This is really interesting. I hope you can find a good developer to help you out.

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