Hi! I'm Effie and this is my first post

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This is exciting! A new place to share and talk about things I'm passionate about. My main interests are plants, growing and making things with them. I'm especially fascinated by plants with medicinal benefits and the ways they have been used by various cultures throughout history. I also enjoy baking and playing with new recipes, thrifting, collecting books, and taking pretty pictures. When not working I can usually be found playing with my son. He's amazing.
Some of what I post here might be cross-posted with my Instagram, @effieoutside.
Here are some photos from the IG account:














Welcome, welcome Effie! Your intro read like you'd fit right into the @naturalmedicine community. I also think I could learn a lot from you. I'm not sure what front-end you're using, but here are the links for the Natural Medicine community on Hive.blog and Peakd.com. Peakd.com is the better front-end, in my opinion.

Natural Medicine welcomes all things natural health, healthy cooking and organic gardening related.

@minismallholding might know of a few interesting communities to look into.

It wasn't me, I didn't do it, it was like that when I got here!

Admit nothing. Deny everything. Make counter accusations.

I forgot the counter accusations!!

You got it now!!!!

Someone volentold someone..

Welcome to Hive.

Cool photos.

I agree!

Thank you so much! I appreciate the welcome! I'm checking out your profile too.
Hive has been really interesting so far. There is a learning curve to it for sure. I'm trying to get the hang of it though.

I have been here 3 years and I'm still learning.. that's what is fun about it!

Yeah, your photos earned your follow. Those are gorgeous!

Thank you very much! It makes me really happy to be able to capture those interesting things around me, especially plants that stand out and the way light can hit them just right to look completely magical.

Some incredible photography for sure! I'm excited to see more of it. Thanks!


welcome to the hive! I'm pretty sure you'll be fine here. Nice post to start with :)

Welcome @effieoutside! Your photos and stories will be safe here on the HIVE blockchain for eternity. Wonderful pictures! Doesn't it feel nice to be rewarded monetarily here, instead of nothing on insta?

Thank you @intothewild! I really appreciate the mention on your blog. It's so kind of you to introduce newbies like that.

You're right, it does feel much nicer here compared to Insta. It feels like posting here is actually worth the effort instead of falling emptily just to look pretty somewhere.

hello and welcome

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Hi! Thank you! 😁

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Welcome! And awesome photography!

Thank you!!❤

You are welcome!

Welcome effieoutside!
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Welcome to Hive @effieoutside. Are you by any chance Greek? Cause Effie is a Greek name 😁

Beautiful photography by the way!

Hi! Thank you so much for the welcome and I'm glad you like my photos!
Effie is a name that goes way back in my ancestry but I'm not Greek. Mostly German and Danish.

Your skate vlogs are really cool! There's a skate park that I like to take my son to sometimes. He's only five and I don't know how to skate but we both like to watch everyone there. I should get him a skateboard soon so he can start learning how to do it himself.

Thanks a lot for your kind words.

I'm Greek and my gf's name is Effie so I thought of asking hahaha!

Skateboarding is a really cool hobby, especially for a youngster like your son and it's not as dangerous as they make it look like!

Let me know if you have any questions about Hive and I'll get back to you ASAP!
Cheers and always have fun!

Thank you! I'll let you know if I have any questions.
It is a relief to hear that skateboarding isn't as dangerous as it seems.

Beautiful flowers! Welcome Effie! Willkommen 😉

🌱🌼🦋💐🌸🌿🥰 thank you!!!

You're welcome 😉

Are those photos!? Glad you found naturalmedicine already!

Willkommen auf Hive!
Liebe Grüße aus Wien

Thank you!! 😊

Is that wormwood in the last photo?

Girl, you are of our tribe! Natural Medicine is our humble community .. come find us there. Xx

Correct, it is wormwood! Artemisias are my favorite herbs. I'm just drawn to them for some reason. Thank you! Will do ☺🌱

Awesome photos, Welcome to hive just a quick request. Anyway you can write hiveuser name plus date on your insta profile? This is just so we know your you and not someone stealing your photos

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Thanks and I'm glad you like my photos!
Sure, I can do that. I'll add a pic like that behind my next more aesthetic insta post.

You should post your plant pictures in stock images https://hive.blog/@hive-118554
People would love them there as well!

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Good idea! Thank you!