So someone on here stole my content....

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.... And I normally wouldn't get as creeped out as I am, except for the fact that @blazinwalker has been stealing more than my photos, they've been replicating my persona by means of stealing my writing as well. I cannot begin to describe the gross feelings of personal violation this brings me, but it's gone on for long enough.

I am human being, I am not a content creating machine
Please feel free to visit my Instagram page where you will find the treasure trove of content that @blazinwalker has been happily grazing from for longer than I even realized.

I don't expect anything out of this exposure, I just want to make my voice heard because this is not okay.


Damn what a horrible turn of events. So sorry. All this time I’ve been bragging about you, but only on your fake account of you. Rest assured that person will never receive any support here, and I suspect the same person is running a few other accounts. Thanks for pointing this out.

Whenever you're comfortable, give the word and we'll downvote the shit out of those fuckers too.

Thanks! Actually found one more account, and I suspect maybe at least 1 more, but will get back with you.

But here is an account that stole a post, thanks to @derangedvisions for finding this. source of stolen content

That's a pretty impressive Instagram page. Welcome to Weedcash sure wish you'd found us under other circumstances but.. it is what it is.. anyway that you got here is cool. You should definitely post here regularly.. quit blogging for free.. I'll send you a small delegation to help you get started..

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I don't expect anything out of this exposure, I just want to make my voice heard because this is not okay.

EDIT: Verified, this is real @blazinskywalker. I hope you decide to stay.., a bad way to enter, but you found a great place.

I delegated some HP to you so that you can comment some more. It's not much, but it should get you started.

Sorry to hear that your content has been violated in this way - that's not on. This post was shared in my feed by @slobberchops so gave you some support on this post and your comments - hope it helps.

Sadly, plagiarists and copycats exist everywhere on all platforms but there's a pretty good team that work on this network to bring folks like that to justice.

There are plenty of good people here though so hopefully you'll stay around and share your content here.

Take care

Sorry for your loss, but the silver lining is that it at least brought you here. The best way to beat a counterfeit is to provide the real thing. If you would have caught them before the payout window, we all would have downvoted them. But now that you're here, we can at least upvote you.

Seeing that you're new here, do you have any questions about how this place works? I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Hey there! Thank you. I'm sorry, I honestly don't even know what this platform is or how it works... Do you mean to tell me this person actually got paid for sharing my content?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around things. Ty so much for taking your time and energy to help me. I appreciate that.

Yes. This content was posted on a decentralized blockchain which has its own cryptocurrency called Hive. Here, every user owns their own account and cannot be banned or otherwise censored.

When we upvote here, an amount of Hive is awarded to the post. The amount varies depending on how much Hive the account upvoting you holds. My vote is worth about .02 USD. So when I upvoted this post, it became worth about 2 cents or more accurately, 2 cents worth of Hive.

The person who stole your content sadly has earned some cryptocurrency off of that content. Unfortunately there's little that can be done for that now. We do have several groups that look out for things like this, but they obviously can't catch everything.

My advice to you would be to tell your story to those who commented on your post, like you did with me. That way everyone will know they are a fraud. It will also give you the opportunity to post your own work as yourself and start earning too.


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Cool. Thanks.

I delegated you some more hive, but if you have a Twitter account, we can also chat there. I am @ moeknows4 on that platform.

I also cross-posted this post in one of our weed communities. I'm not plugged into that community, but I'm sure they'll take good care of you too.

@canna-curate ... got a comment here?

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Yeah supper pissed and fell so dupped. I am suspecting the same person has a couple more accounts here.

I feel like a real ass tagging someone who can't even create their own content, and they are the a thief to boot. Unfollowed, and this was shared to my limited twitter page but, DAMN.

Crazy right! But good news is the content is real, and now at least we can rightly give credit to where credit is due.

Agreed. I'm going to message the @Northerscrogger, Ive been following that brother for a while, sad to have a thief on both platforms.

The person is powering down now that they got caught, if they make more post I am pretty sure they will be down voted, most of us on HIVE do not like thieves. It takes a little while to understand and get use to Hive but once learned a pretty nice place to be social. and be rewarded for content instead of some company making money off your content with advertising. Ask away, when help is need people will try to help.

Sorry to hear your story. This kind of thing is not acceptable on Hive and as a community we take it very seriously . Your content and plants look great, hopefully you can turn this around into a great introduction to Hive and become member of the weed community already here.

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Sorry to see that this happened and that they profited off your work. Please consider posting yourself here, as there is definitely folks in this community who clearly love your content and you should be the one to earn off of it.

Sorry to hear this happened to you, most of us are honest content creators like you and understand your pain, we frown upon plagiarism. Thanks for bringing it up to our attention so that we no longer support the stolen content. I hope you see the silver lining in this and bring your content to our community as well for you to monetize now that you have an account 😁

Maybe you could check on the pal server on discord maybe those people could help

I'm so sorry that happened to you! I've upvoted your post in support.

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So glad that you have a lot of help and support here! The thief would not end well. Hope you’ll have a great time blogging on Hive. We have many incredible and compassionate people here who love justice and will fight for what is right. Hope you’ll be very happy here.

I hope despite this A-hole identity thief leaving a bad taste in your mouth, you stick around and get to know how great Hive is.

The best we can do is downvote the theft so they can't profit off of your work, it's a shame it wasn't discovered sooner but at least now something can be done.

Shared and upvoted. Sorry you've been taken for a ride like this. Hopefully they get squashed for their actions.

This is one of those scenarios I dread when sharing content. Knowing that some of my works can be monetized as more types of blockchains like these will eventually rise in the future and there's no way of fully stopping anyone from repeating what happened here. I hope you stick around though. This place gives you money for the content you share.

Well, that is pretty disgusting. I hope you will be staying and posting your kick butt pics!

I hate thieves, especially content thieves! Despicable. Sorry that happened to you. I hope you decide to post your content here, so we can continue to enjoy it, but actually have access to the real grower!