I bought 4 Chickens!

in #homesteading6 months ago

Today I picked up 4 baby chickens. I have a small mini shed type wooden structure in the garden that I extended. I don't quite want to show it off yet because it still looks very ghetto. It's functional though and safe for the chicks. Basically just a wood dog house type thing and some netting.

I've raised chickens a few times. They are easy to take care of. They are already old enough to go outside and sleep without a heat lamp. The only annoying thing is they drink TONS of water and also kick around dirt into the water. I need to raise up the water containers I think with some type of raised platform for them to stand on [like a squirrel proof feeder]. I have a lot of ideas for the Chicken Coop.
I read recently that one way to make the chickens relaxed around you and domesticated is to let the chickens feed out of your hand. It feeds so funny when they peck your fingers! This trick really does seem to work well. Food is the way to the heart after all! They run to the edge of the "pen" whenever I am gardening near them. They will most likely continue to trust me as adults. Unless they are males.
You never know if you will get a rooster or not. Not until they start laying eggs. For now, they all like me. Roosters don't really like people as much. They can make me more chickens though. You dont actually NEED roosters, unless you want more free chickens. These birdies makes excellent compost and also of course produce many free eggs over a lifetime. A perfect addition to a grow-op. If you can legally raise them in your yard, I highly recommend it! Stay tuned as these bird beaks grow up quickly. I will show the chick coop when it's done.. Im stacking rocks against the ... well you will see. They are right next to all the plants I've been showing though to give you an idea. I am trying to think of a plant to grow next to the Chickens Lol.