Trying to Figure Out a Solid Production Schedule. Hustler Struggles, HaHa

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If you have goals to become a video or podcast influencer or defluencer if you are posting on decentralized networks, thanks for that new word @unklebonehead, lol, you have allot of work ahead of you.

I didn’t realize to have a consistent production schedule to be able to push out quality content was going to take up so much time, lol.

Writing blog posts are honestly SO much easier because you can simply hit undo or delete or whatever. Well when you are shooting a video or recording a podcast, it’s not so easy, lol.

So what I have been working on a bit this week is trying to come up with a good production schedule for all of the different kinds of content I want to produce and how I am going to work it into my already busy schedule.

Community Curation

I have decided that all of my community curation for @hivehustlers, @hivelist, and are going to happen in the evenings while I am decompressing for the day.

As far as Hivelist and HiveHustlers development and maintenance, that stuff happens in my morning maintenance checks and such. I am still trying to figure out how I want to manage the services market.

Okay so now for content production and distribution:

Looking at doing all prerecorded videos to start, because finding solid enough internet for live-streaming in vanlife is a challenge. I am looking for an office space at some point, so we will see how that works out, have a couple of promising spots, just waiting on a couple of questions to get answered. Once I can nail down a good solid location, then I am going to be looking at live-streaming.

Videos will be happening 3 days a week…

Monday and Friday will be a Coin Logic TV episode where I discuss charts and crypto news of the week. Wednesday will continue to be the Weedcash Marker Wednesday video.

I have decided that ALL videos will live exclusively on 3speak.TV! I will no longer be using YouTube. It’s a giant pain to upload a video twice, and having to clinch your butt to make sure you don’t say something that will get you banned… So I am done with them. I will be promoting my 3speak videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to lead the sheep to the promise land, well as much as I can due to corporate shadow banning.

Now for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s…

I am going to be doing an AUDIO only podcast where I will be talking about self development, entrepreneurship, life lessons, and other dudely wisdom kinda stuff.

The podcast is called Pure Logic Podcast with The Logical Dude. The name is a okay off my old record label that I ran years ago… Pure Logic Recordings… the label didn’t live, but the name will carry on, lol!

I will be distributing this on Hive to for the decentralized world, and then will be using Anchor for main stream, which the first episode is already on Spotify!

Go listen here on your Spotify app!

Apple Podcasts and more coming soon!

This gets my messages out to the podcast loving masses and is much easier for me to produce and manage. Really excited about this!

Then Weekends… The weekends are usually my money makers in the food delivery industry, so I focus most of my time there. BUT… I will be bringing back the Groovecast from the @groove-logic account and posting it exclusively through Aureal and then using there RSS feed to get it to Spotify and Apple podcasts manually! These will mainly be audio only just due to the complexity of setting up video for my DJ sets in the van… too much stuff, lol…

As you can see, I have a goal to eventually become a full time decentralized media creator! I even have a really cool idea I want to start messing with in Dlux that would be a VR nightclub kind of thing… Virtual raves anyone??? I have DJ contacts everywhere and interested to see who I could get onboard… anyway… I have said too much already, lol.

Anyway, waiting on the laundry to get done, and need to finish up the script, or really talking points, for today’s podcast and then got to find somewhere cool and quiet to record… It’s freaking hotter than a well diggers ass out here today, looking at 105 degrees Fahrenheit today… UGH…

Be Cool, Be Real, and always Abide!

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Dude this is fricking cool! I love it!
Sounds like youve thought it more through than ever have, lol. I just say hey Im gonna do this podcast. Then actually record it whenever "the feeling" hits me.
So is Pure Logic going to released twice a week? Wednesday and Fridays?

Pure Logic Podcast will be tuesdays and thursdays. Crypto market videos Monday and Friday. Then Wednesday is weedcash market Wednesday. The Groovecast on the weekends.

It’s also the kind of thing that I could take one day off from deliveries and produce both podcasts and the Groovecast all in the same day and just release them on schedule.

I was the same way and I get so distracted and go off on rabbit trails it’s sad. Takes me sometimes 2-3 hours if I don’t plan something out because I end up starting over, lol, multiple times.

So I figure if I go in with a plan then I can get through it easier, and may sound a bit more professional, lol.

But I will be listening to them on Wednesday and Friday, lol. Podcasts are timeshifted content.

The cool thing about the Pure Logic podcasts is that I am going to make those evergreen content so you can really listen to them at anytime. Leaving my dated content for the other videos.

Well, the podcasts will be launched at some point on Tue and Thurs… lol… the videos going to try for morning ish

Lol. you gonna use the 3Spwak desktop app? I keep trying it but it takes so long to do the re encode that it forces you to do that I just upoad the old way. And use the app to watch and pin videos, lol. They get rid of that forced re encoding and I will use it 24/7.
Just wondering if youve been able to use it being all mobile and stuff.

can you do a post talking about your setup on your M1 macbook air for producing your content.

I got the machine a couple of months ago and not sure what software to use.
any guidance would be much appreciated.

I can do that at some point.

Basically the breakdown is I do my setup and recording in OBS and my editing is done in iMovie. My graphics mainly come from these days as I lost my old boxed version of Photoshop when I upgraded.

cool OBS.
I have used that in the past.
I will check it out and see how it runs on the M1

thanks for the info

It runs like a champ on the M1! No problems at all so far.

That is nice of you,I will be listen to podcasts to no what is really going on concerning hive in the community.

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