HiveHustler Roadmap Update - Smashing Goals And Over Delivering!

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Hello my lovely HiveHustlers and overall Hive community! Hope this Monday is treating you well! It is sunny and feeling lovely here in the Pacific Northwest so I am going to get going on this post so I can get out in the sunshine!

So the last couple of months have been kind of crazy for me! I have been hard at work for you guys and gals of Hive to help bring life back into the HiveHustlers community and to bring even more use case to Hivelist!

Well I am happy to come in with an awesome update report! This is a long one so strap in, lol.

HiveHustlers Roadmap Phase 1 COMPLETE!

That's right! I have already checked off all of the goals and then some for Phase 1 of the @hivehustlers roadmap update!

So my idea of building a Hivehustlers website went way beyond a traditional Hive/Nitrous front end. I created a Wordpress site from the ground up to create a 'bridge' for people to come in and interact with the community and talk off chain while they learn how the system works and then we can use out nitrous front end to get them posting to Hive!

The original plan was to try and use the Exxp plugin for wordpress, but we found that it was just too difficult of a set up for even most Hive members because there is not a way to sign into Wordpress with a Hive account, yet, I would love for someone to some up with something... I mean ETH has a way... I am just not that kind of developer, lol. Anyway, some funds were secured by doing some work and building a similar bridge site for the #weedcash community, so I created the Nitrous site for HiveHustlers!

The 'bridge' site consists of an off chain social network complete with groups to allow members to talk off chain as well as have close links to posting on chain to our nitrous site. This site also promotes the main 'hustling' communities on Hive and has info pages and trending feeds for those communities being brought in by the feed created and maintained by @hivetrending. This is making it an all in one place for community involvement and education. There are allot of plans for the site in the future, like a Fiverr style services marketplace!

When you join, which is super easy using an existing social media account, sorry, no Hive sign on yet, that's why we link with the nitrous side for Hive, but you will be able to participate in the off chain chat, as well as have a referral code to use to invite new people to the community! We will be holding referral contest that will award in HUSTLERM miners and possibly NFT's in the future! We have allot of plans for this to be an awesome community! We just have to forget the wayward past and look to the future!

You can come and check out our main site at

The nitrous front end is at

The tags: #hivehustlers #hustler and #hivecommerce will all post to the nitrous site. The #hivehustlers and #hustler tags are the catch all tags and are open to random posts. But I do ask that you keep the #hivecommerce tag meant for business and ecommerce related posts.

Please see my post about proper tag use for Hivelist... It also addresses Hivehustlers... Basically all the random posts for gaming, investing, art, and whatever other topics you want to share with the community, please use the HiveHustlers or Hustler tag. Let's keep the Hivelist tags and hivecommerce sacred for their specific purposes...

Please see that article here:

Anyway, yea, moving on...

Now about the Hivelist Store... Well if you notice, the original roadmap had as being the home of the community site... Well due to some awesome legal advise from an old friend that is a corporate attorney, We have decided to ditch the Hivebay name to divert the possibility of being sued by eBay...

So this has opened the door for us to re-create the into the new community multivendor store! The groundwork has been laid in the background and we are starting to build out the functionality. When we get further into the development, we are going to kill the Digital store sub domain and just put everything under the one domain. This will help us in the long run, plus cuts down the load of maintenance on another wordpress build... So it is in development as we speak! More information and detail to come soon!

So let's talk about the investments part of Phase 1...

HiveHustler Investments

The Dcity is growing and we are continuing to build with reward reinvestment and by using some of the Hive that we receive from HUSTLERM sales.

We have also been building our CTP stake, which is over 2000 CTP at this point, but we also have over 1k CTPM miners! So we are earning a decent bit of both SIM and CTP for future COM payouts, which we will address in a bit...

We have also included a decent size investment into the #weedcash community. In our DCity, we are accumulating allot of Weed farms which pay out WEED tokens... and being that it is one of the first commerce communities with the, then we are going to include it in our investment, curation, and COM payouts!

I have also put a large investment into over 1000 WORKERBEE to be included in the Hive Engine governance. My account @thelogicaldude is a Hive Engine witness and is currently in 18th position. If you have any WORKERBEE staked, and you believe in what I am doing, please go give me a vote!The BEE rewards from the WORKERBEE miners are currently being staked in the @hivehustlers account to cover the nitrous site hosting. Once we reach the 5000 BEE needed to cover the nitrous site indefinitely, only then will it be included in COM payouts.

Delegate Hive Power to HiveHustlers and Hivelist and Earn

So if you believe in the future of @hivehustlers and want to support using your Hive Power, we welcome delegation! Delegators to the @hivehustlers account will receive a portion of the COM token rewards we receive from that accounts stake in LIST and HUSTLER dollars. It pays out currently .001 COM tokens per Hive Power delegated and starting TODAY... also now pays out .005 HUSTLERM per Hive Power delegated! These may be adjusted in time, but for now these are the payout figures.

Delegation to the @hivelist account pays out .05 LIST tokens per Hive Power delegated. This in turn will mine you more COM tokens.

That is on delegation, now let's move on to Hivecommerce Token Mining!

HiveHustlers Roadmap Phase 2 and Hivecommerce Token Mining Phase 1

These are really both the same thing, with some extras. And the funny thing is, we are WAY ahead of schedule! COM token mining started on Feb 1 as scheduled, but not without some hiccups... mainly due to the 3 decimal point precision we originally placed on the token in the white paper. That was solved and the mining has been working flawlessly since.

As you know, the HUSTLERM miner tokens, HUSTLER dollars, and HiveLIST tokens all 'mine' the Hivecommerce token, or COM.

HUSTLERM stakers split ~600 tokens a day of freshly issued COM tokens

HUSTLER stakers split ~400 tokens a day of freshly issued COM tokens

LIST stakers split ~200 tokens a day of freshly issued COM tokens

So... we are still in Phase 1 of the Hivecommerce token mining... and in the first month of mining, we also learned that there was another problem with the precision of the tokens. The original idea was scarcity and just simply the cleaner look of only 3 decimal places in the wallet, lol. But that wasn't working out in the math of the smart contract for some smaller HUSTLERM stakers and some of the LIST stakers. Some people with lower staking counts haven't been paid out. The smart contract logs say they are getting paid 0.000 COM tokens, but it is trying to pay them... So after studying this and also getting some feedback from users, we have decided that as of TODAY, March 1, 2021 to up the precision of the token to 6 decimal spaces. This has already been done and the smart contracts all changed for the COM miner tokens to account for this, so there will be more micro payments going out today! I will be paying attention and making sure it is working as it should!.

So far, there have been a little over 31k COM miners mined this month! All fresh issued tokens!

Screen Shot 20210301 at 11.25.26 AM.png

The Hivecommerce token market formed completely on it's own, lol. I literally only put 1 order out after the first couple of days, but ended up taking it back and staking the tokens, lol. That's how I plan to get paid for the work is investing in my own project, lol. But I have had ZERO involvement in the COM token market, it's been cool to see the free market at work.

Phase 2 of the Hivecommerce token, which will start on April 1, 2021 for the payouts of SIM, CTP, WEED, and LIST tokens (yeah, because we can, lol). We are taking another month now to get a daily and weekly average so we can properly set payout rates on the contracts.

Hivefunding Website

This is going to be a crowdfunding site for the Hive community that doesn't involve the DHF. We have been playing with different things for a while for this site, but we have kind of settled on a direction that we are going to take the site, it's not going to be quite a 'cool' as I would want, because the crowdfunding stuff I have been playing with on Wordpress is super cool, but... for regulatory purposes, we are going to take it into a different direction using the HivePay payments plugin. So the foundation has been started, and will begin full development once the is complete.

Wrapping it up

So as you can see, I have been a busy little Hive bee to say the least. Smashing basically both Phase 1 and 2 of the HiveHustlers roadmap BEFORE the end of the 1st quarter! We are WAY ahead of schedule!

I have put in allot of time and my own money into this to build it up and try to revive this community, and it's been tough to be completely honest. At this point with both Hivelist and Hivehustlers, looking at nearly $4k worth of my own money. That includes all the tribe fees, stocking up the Hivelist account to pay hosting indefinitely, purchasing the HiveHustlers accounts and all the domains associated, site setup fees, website hosting, smart contract server hosting, Hive Engine witness server hosting, and then just stocking up the accounts with token stakes and building the DCity.

So you can see, I am no fly by night Dude. I am in it for the long run and willing to do what I can because I believe in the future of this blockchain and the community! I believe we are on the ground floor of world changing stuff and this is my way of giving to the world and trying to make it a better place, by offering a way for people to do commerce outside of the corrupt traditional system.

So let's keep it going!

I love you all! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me so far, whether buying HUSTLERM tokens, delegating, or just engaging in the community and giving feedback! It is all appreciated! Let's take this thing to the MOON TOGETHER!

Be Cool, Be Real, and Abide!

Please vote for my witness on


Great work.
I support you by delegating 1k HP to HiveHustlers.
And I have to check if I already voted for you or not. Have to check it tomorrow bc I cant do it with my phone.


Wow! You're on a mission man! Some awesome progress made and I've just been staking all those tokens as and when they've been coming in! When I get some leases back, will add to my little delegations already to both the accounts you mentioned there.

Keep up the great work, it will pay off and getting all the leg work done ahead of schedule will free up time and resource for later in the year to kick on!

Thank you sir!

Keep up the great work!

Going to try build up some more workerbee stake for h-e witness voting, only got 4 atm. Already voting for ya!

Grateful my friend! Every little bit helps! Somewhere between writing this post and now I have hit the top 10! I am in consensus!

Sweet! Gratz, I'm hoping to get my h-e witness running soon, just gotta work out some issues.

Awesome! I’ll throw my votes your way!

I thought rishi was the owner of that one... I am still working on some hardware for my atexoras.witness... its taking a lot of time because work has been a bitch.

Really long post but good job.

It's nice to see you have a full plan for the project. I got a few LIST tokens from commenting somewhere so I staked them. I plan to keep them staked to gradually get some COM tokens. I heard COM tokens will eventually pay out some CTP and SIM so I plan to stake it in hopes that I will get some dividends in the future.

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I warned you in the intro, lol. I had allot to get everyone caught up on.

I think I am the definition of hustling lately... hardly any time for posting or playing around. But, I had to come here say hello.

That’s what it’s all about! Th ask for stopping by!


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Thanks for the mention! And thanks for sharing the roadmap.

You are cruising. Excited for the future.

I am still here :) What is @archon-drips?

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It's another project, other than investing in some tokens, I am not involved though.

This is really long :)

I am making a pause in the middle to go for a run. Will finish it later.

A lot of domains and frontends to maintain. Isn't that too much of a burden?

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I have a system, lol, and I have some help, that's what grown kids are for, train them and teach them skills, lol. Plus it's cheap labor, lol. They are 21 and 16 so they need to learn some skills and responsibilities... Plus they are cool with getting paid in crypto so it works, lol.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it!

That's great. In-house labor force :)

OK, I'll read the article in its entirety and check the websites. Good luck with them!


PS: I voted for your HE Witness ;)

And there is a small gap between #20 and #21 on the list.

Yeah somebody must be disabled. I’ll throw a couple of fives your way as well when I get the chance!