Wanna F*** with my dCity

in #hivegaming6 months ago

Yo m****

a friend of mine, @eythorphoto recently told me that he was investing (his timemi guess) (while i usually dont dabble with those, unless when i "invest" in my weekend dosage of them drugz i tend to use as i fly planes and fight battleships, during the night with my friend DIRTY-THORSTEIN!

well the game is not communistic in nature, nor is it violent. however it has cought my eye as something Saddam Hussein would have been into, (yeah i knew him.... we used to bathe when i attended arabic scool in Baghdad one summer)... and no we did not fall in love that hot summer. heh..

however we fucked.... ofcourse.

anyway the game is brilliant, can be found here.




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brilliantly worded my dear uncle