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RE: Feedback from the December 1st Hive Power Up Day

in #hivebuzz4 months ago

Hey there, I powered up on 1 December - in my time zone - but I didn't get my badge and it acted like it was too late.
If it's only set to a certain time zone, could you say that on the badge? I didn't see any such information anywhere. Thanks!

PUD dec 2020.jpg
(showing the date on the bottom corner of my laptop, I took a screencap when I saw that the hive buzz site already had the badge grayed out like it was too late)


Hello @phoenixwren,

We checked your power-ups and the last one you did was made on December 2nd.
You can see your transaction in the blockchain explorer here:

Remember that HiveBuzz uses UTC time for validation, not your local time.

That's what I was wondering - the badge didn't say a time zone, so I didn't know. There was nothing to remember, I didn't see that information.