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Well day 13 of the #HiveBloPoMo. It's been a weird day for me today. I woke up to the entire family in a panic about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Apparently one in a million people are having an adverse reaction causing blood clots. Not sure about the numbers but they seem to keep telling people on the news not to panic and these are very rare issues effecting mainly woman. IDK, I'm at my wits end with all this crap. Generally when the news tells you not to panic, it's probably time to panic!

So I'm a pretty anti-vaccination type of guy. The last time I got a shot had to be twenty or thirty years ago. A few people gave me shit for taking the vaccine, and not that I owe anyone any excuses but here's the real truth of the matter. My father is in his mid 80s, he's had issues with cancer and has a bad heart. My mother is horrified he's going to catch this virus. I'm around my father helping him almost daily. My mother practically begged me to get vaccinated for him. Every instinct told me not too, but I wanted to put my mothers mind at ease. So I went with it. Considering the amounts of drugs I've done in my life, I suspect I've put far worse in my body. 🤣 At least that's how I reasoned it with my subconscious. I really didn't want to get vaccinated and I'm really pissed off I did now!

IMHO I don't think people should be shamed either way. Take the vaccine or don't. I'm more than a bit skeptical of a rushed out vaccine, that borders on experimental for a virus I have over a 90% chance of surviving if I catch it. I wouldn't blame anyone that didn't want to take the vaccine. Hell, I would have never considered it if circumstances were different. I think the shaming on either side of this issue needs to stop though. We're not going to know about serious side affects for several months to come. I'm honestly dying to see how this all plays out. I think both sides of the debate have great points and I don't think we know the full ramifications of what's ahead either way.

So with that said, my attitude was shit today! I could have really used a nice buzz but had no weed. Of all the times to not have a little weed in the house! The horror!

I was talking to a few Twitter friends the other day about legal weed. My state, NY has just legalized for recreational use. We wont have dispensaries open until the end of the year, possibly next year. Someone had chimed in about a product called Delta 8 and said I should try it. The conversation intrigued me, so I did a little more research.

Apparently when they revamped the federal HEMP laws there is a loophole that made Delta 8 THC legal. Basically, HEMP the non-high cousin of cannabis, used mainly for clothing and rope has a very small level of Delta 8 THC. Cannabis has Delta 9 THC which is the main compound that gets you high when you smoke cannabis. Delta 9 THC levels in Cannabis are very high, and in HEMP extremely low. There is a small amount of Delta 8 THC though, but still not enough to get you high. .

The reason HEMP doesn't get you high is because Delta 8 THC levels are super low. Delta 8 THC is like a molecule different from Delta 9 and in large doses has very similar effects to Delta 9 THC which is found in cannabis.

Now Delta 9 THC is a controlled substance, but Delta 8 THC isn't. So someone came up with the groovy idea of extracting Delta 8 THC from Hemp and concentrating it then selling it in an extract like CBD oil. Only Delta 8 THC will get you high in concentrated form. This is also the reason CBD is legal in most places in the US.

Most of the reviews I've read claim you get the head buzz without the paranoia a lot of people experience when they smoke cannabis. It's a lighter high, with all the euphoria and laughter that comes with Delta 9 or cannabis minus the anxiety and paranoia that sometimes comes with Cannabis.

So like any good druggie I spent the day researching this to see if it is something I might like to try in the future. I probably should have done as much research on the vaccine I let those bastards inject into me 🤣 Regardless, I did my research and it is something I'd like to try. So I spent the later part of my day searching for sources.

I'll probably be doing some cannabis reviews when our dispensaries open here. In the meantime, when I lock down a reliable source for this Delta 8 stuff, I'll be posting some reviews and telling you all what I think about this new "legal high".

Nothing puts me in a better mood than finding a way to side step oppressive regulations that we shouldn't have in the first place. I'm lookin forward to sharing my findings with you all in a future post.

Hope you're all having a better day than I!

Peace, love and respect!


Hi @the-bitcoin-dood . I'm in a quandary about this vaccine crap, well not really.
I am not an "anti-vaxxer" by any means, I've taken the flu shot every year since the military days (other than those years when I was homeless and a drug/alcohol abuser)

When all this started last year, I was of the opinion that this was an exaggerated, over-blown thing. I was NOT going to get tested, but I missed a video connect with my VA Dr (told her I was sick, when I was really slightly hung over and didn't want to get up and be on camera at 8 am) so she INSISTED I go to the VA and get the brain scrape (nose swab) done.
I did, it was positive. I was and to this day remain asymptomatic.
I didn't believe it, so I went a week later to a civilian clinic and got the brain scrape again and it too, was positive.
For the next 2 weeks, I went and got that PCR 3 nose thing done, each time it came back positive.
Still, I didn't believe it and insisted on getting the blood test.
Those results came back positive; I HAD the antibodies, meaning that I had been infected, and got over it.
The Dr, when he gave me these results said that "the viral load in the last nose swab was so low as to almost not qualify as a positive"
That was Sept 9 2020. I've been tested again this Jan (both nose and blood) and again a few weeks ago.
In all the subsequent tests I was Nose Negative, and Blood Positive.
7 months now, my body has been protecting me.
I relay all this because, I am now seeing the Dr's say that most people, who have adverse reactions to the vaccines, is because THEY ALREADY HAVE THE ANTIBODIES, so when they get the vaccine, your body recognizes the viral signature and goes crazy trying to protect you again.
So if I'm protected already, why do I need to get vaccinated?
Oh wait, it's to get the COVID CARD, so I can go out and enjoy life again.
Can you say Gov't Control?

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So if I'm protected already, why do I need to get vaccinated?
Oh wait, it's to get the COVID CARD, so I can go out and enjoy life again.
Can you say Gov't Control?

Hey sorry for the late reply. I was reviewing some older posts and discovered I had a couple unanswered comments.

I think a lot of this is about control. I'm even suspect of the whole Covid timing. I'll just say I have my own conspiracy theories but I think a the very heart of all this is just another abuse of the system to take more "control" from the general population. I'll leave it at that.

Thanks for the well thought out comment and my apologies for not answering sooner!

You are forgiven @the-bitcoin-dood 😜

Cannabis is just amazing!

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Yes it is!

Have one for me when you get the chance. I can't see it being legal here anytime soon.😤

We'll see. Senator Schumer from NY already has a bill in place for federal legalization. The US was a huge factor in the global war on drugs. I think once we see federal legalization throughout the US, a lot of other countries will follow. It's going to be a huge industry and I'm guessing everyone will want to get in on the tax revenues not to mention the global market.

No weed. Fuck that's a emergency

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I don't smoke everyday anymore, but there's usually a little sitting around for just such an emergency. Can't wait till dispensaries are open and I can just get a joint or a couple grams of weed as easily as I can get a bottle of wine or beer.

Hahahahaha 🤣🤣
Side-stepping oppressive regulations fills us with some type of highey THC too. Shit's so sweet. Lol.

I agree with what you said about the vaccine, both sides of the argument don't really know how things are going to turn out and the shaming should stop.

Then, I had no idea about this Hemp THC in my life wtf! It gives a different kind of height that is probably better? Even without sidestepping anything I'd really like to taste this motherfucker.

Sorry for the late reply, I just seen your comment.

Then, I had no idea about this Hemp THC in my life wtf! It gives a different kind of height that is probably better? Even without sidestepping anything I'd really like to taste this motherfucker.

I did find some and I really liked it A LOT. The buzz is a little different, but for the most part it's your typical marijuana high. I seem to get a little more spaced out on it though.

Here's a review of what I tried: