Hive is pumping like crazy!

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Ok, this is both good and bad. I was planning to buy some more hive at the lower levels, have some big plans I might need it for, but now Hive is up again. I got 12k plus, so it also make my money more worth.

No one knows the future, but I could see a scenario where Hive does go up or stay strong even most of the crypto market are falling. No one knows where we go from here tho.



C'mon HIVE, keep going UP! You can do it!

I am actually sitting and speculation in that Hive might go to $2-$5 this year, no matter what the rest of the market will do.

Stoked that Hive is up, but just to keep the Weedcash tribe on point, only use the weed tag for cannabis and psychedelic related content.

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ok sorry man, will remember that, keep it up!