Hive boom!!! Yes!!!

in #hive2 years ago


this is absolutely some amazing news and I'm really excited to watch this cryptocurrency stomp the s*** out of Justin scum.

Really hoping that this new crypto-currency rises to heights.

Thank you everybody very much for your support with me and dog sorry we have been so distant and we're hoping to really start growing again here quick.

until then we are throwing out boats and absolutely loving all of the sport.

go blockchain technology and let's blaze it up pretty good..



Howdy sir ganjafarmer! I agree, it's encouraging. That's a great looking scene there. What does "throwing out boats" mean? I've been offline for awhile, I guess I better go catch up on your blog!

Votes. Boats... Whatever... I'm throwing something.

And yeah one day I may have been handing out yaghts...

I wish you much success sir ganjafarmer. I'm stepping back from the platform at least for now. Mrs. J. is tired of me wasting all my time here with nothing to show for it but I'll still try to support and keep up with some people.

Much love man and can't wait to see you come back!!!

Thanks for the love and I appreciate your work!

Thank you sir ganjafarmer. I'm gonna try to post once a week and keep contact with as many as time allows.