The HIVE Bull & The Bleeding Market

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Everything was sudden! HIVE started showing a significant bull-trend & has broken 0.4 USD resistance level, then stabilizes around 0.34 USD price level. We all were looking for these market pulses since May-2020.

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HIVE Has Broken $0.4 Resistance
The significant bull-trend pushed HIVE price to $0.41 & it seems to stabilize at $0.34 while writing this article.

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HIVE-ENGINE Tokens In A Deep Trouble
While HIVE showing green market pulses, the HIVE-ENGINE Tokens seems in a blood market. Almost all top-notch tokens in the HIVE-ENGINE have shown significant price drop during this period as follows.

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Token Name              : Leo
Last Day Price          : 2.55501451 HIVE
Last Price              : 1.88000000 HIVE
Price Change            : -0.67501451 HIVE
Price Change Percentage : -26.42%
Token Name              : SWAP.STEEM
Last Day Price          : 1.57243013 HIVE
Last Price              : 1.24954070 HIVE
Price Change            : -0.32288943 HIVE
Price Change Percentage : -20.53%
Token Name              : DEC
Last Day Price          : 0.00199700 HIVE
Last Price              : 0.00202100 HIVE
Price Change            : 0.00002400 HIVE
Price Change Percentage : 1.20%
Token Name              : SIM
Last Day Price          : 0.00159900 HIVE
Last Price              : 0.00157000 HIVE
Price Change            : -0.00002900 HIVE
Price Change Percentage : -1.81%
Token Name              : PAL
Last Day Price          : 0.11200000HIVE
Last Price              : 0.09990000 HIVE
Price Change            : -0.01210000 HIVE
Price Change Percentage : -10.80%

A lot of HIVE-ENGINE Tokens have shown a significant drop against HIVE at this bull market time. It can happen due to the panic market movement. But can affect investors' trust factor during HIVE bull market times.
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Those RED lines on HE are totally meaningless to me.
HIVE went up, so what you expect?

HIVE total capitalization is far bigger than ANY of those HE tokens.
So all has developed exactly as expected, as it should.

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Once Steem went to $9. If that happen here on Hive, what will happen to investors funds. They invested Hive instead of $.
Thank you for supporting.

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Don't look at the H-E tokens. I mean if Hive is worth more they will be worth less since it's compared against Hive.
Leo is still worth more than Hive

Leo still worth until 1 whale start sell his/her tokens.

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