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RE: Buying CBD and Hemp with WEED and HIVE! Also other updates from the Dude!

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this is great to know and see, I'm a CBD full spectrum advocate and love how it's being FINALLY recognized for the magic awesomeness it does and glad states have opened their minds to all the good it can do, I only take full spectrum CBD/G but support full legalization I just like that I can take what you have there and not feel like listening to Pink Floyd all day ;) congrats, goooood prices in this market , real good prices, you have flower too which is great since some people want the medicinal benefits minus the "high" so to speak


It makes me happy to be able to offer these products. I hope you check them out! If you stake at least 1k LIST tokens you can get a coupon code to use anytime on the store! The more you stake the bigger the discount up to 20% off!