HomeGrown Podcast Episode 1 - Introductions

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Welcome to the HomeGrown Podcast


Hello Hive! The HomeGrown Podcast is a podcast by @derangedvisions and @jonyoudyer. In the podcast, we will be talking about cannabis, natural medicines, crypto and Hive.

The first episode is mainly a "get to know you" type of episode where we introduce ourselves, talk a bit about cannabis and about the Hive Blockchain. I had some technical difficulties after recording, which caused the audio tracks to go out of sync a bit and it makes it sound like we are talking over each other quite a bit. I am hoping to find a decent recording software that lets us record from different locations, but keep higher quality sound.

In future episodes, we plan on getting more in depth with cannabis growing, different strains, tips for growing or consuming cannabis and so much more. We plan on getting in contact with some of the other community leaders here on the blockchain and seeing if they want to join us on air to talk about their community and give their insights into alternative medicines.

Right now there are just a couple ways to listen to the podcast. You can listen directly from the anchor.fm site or listen to us on Spotify.

Anchor link:


Spotify link:


We are in the process of getting the podcast available on more listening platforms. I tried to get the podcast uploaded to the Aureal Podcast platform, but was having issues with the RSS link and getting it uploaded to Aureal. Hopefully we can get it all sorted out in the future so that we can have our podcast uploaded to a decentralized platform.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our podcast. We are looking forward to recording more episodes. We would like to get input from the community on what topics you would like to hear us talking about, so let us know in the comments what you want to learn about.


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That was fun!

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Looking forward to the next episode.


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Welcome homegrownpodcast!
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Not interested in the topic, but I wish you all the best for your podcast :)

Thanks for the feedback. May I ask why? Also what kind of topics would you like to hear?

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This episode is really good, Please do let me know about your RSS feed, I'll get it integrated with the platform straight away :)