Morning with grumpy puppy dog.

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My puppy dog says thank you very much everybody and we are having a relaxing morning today.

He got to a lot of trouble for being in the car and all over my bed so yesterday was a lot of laundry and dealing with his attitude.

However when you have a extremely brave knowledgeable and intelligent dog there is a lot of times that he has quite a bit of willpower.

An amazing dog however he is very strong no matter if we are talking mentally or physically he has quite a bit of strength.

Then on top of it personally I'm trying to keep my temper down as there are some tweakers who decide that 8:00 in the morning is time to yell holler scream and bother me.

My pup dog definitely isn't very happy and having to put up with a bunch of crap.

Today is looking like a pretty beautiful day and it is definitely fall see that and leaves that are starting to turn colors as well as the evening temperature drop.


Well let's see what all happens with these tweakers. I am getting quite a bit of annoyance coming from these dumb idiots. All that cartel meth and other drugs are having a serious impact in our community as well as encouraging violence here in the local area.

My puppy dog really does not like zombies and walking Dead which these are pretty much exactly that.

Well I am going to smoke some herb and go back to bed. Yep that's right today is one of those days that I guess I am going to go take an extra nap.


So much hair! I remember how much cleanup I did with Anna.
Naps are good!

Oh wow you should see some of the corners of the vehicle and the buildup of the dog fur

Fucking tweakers some neighbors I have heard get too drunk and become to stupid to tall so they yell at each other. Even the legal drugs are bad when morons get their hands on them.

I really can't wait until these individuals break into another car and get caught and catch another beating...

Actually a little while ago that's exactly what happened to the guy.

Why he grumpy haha!?

He thinks that he shouldn't be in trouble...


Yep he's very loquacious and extremely willing to tell me all sorts of things.

Sunday naps are excellent.

That look :)

He's not a puppy any longer!

@tipu curate

Actually he's a young adult but he still eats puppy food for the next year. Awesome puppy dog but oh my God is he a handful.

Amazing dog

However today he has to go to the vet for some swelling on his neck and I am a little bit worried about him however I have a feeling he will be feeling better shortly.

Really hoping my buddy is going to be feeling better.

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