I took 3 edibles and out this on 🤣🤣🤣. Going deep with Friday Night Tights with Alex Jones

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Welcome to Friday Night Tights: a @Nerdrotic and @Geeks + Gamers

With very special Guest Alex Jones 2:45pm PST (ETA)

We will also be joined by: @TheQuartering & @Chrissie Mayr

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Odin from @OMB Reviews @The OMB Report
@Comix Division
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@1/4 Black Garrett from @StevenCrowder
Tom from @Midnight's Edge @Midnight's Edge After Dark
AZ from @HeelvsBabyface

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The Terry Gilliam of FNT @Pierry Chan Master

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Why the fuck would they downvote a comment on this? Now I remember why I removed my witness vote for marky - he was doing this to you recently, right?

Edit: the answer is they downvoted this because they are downvoting all my comments.

I was excited to find this picture for ya. I was actually scrolling back to reply this before I saw the comment about it being downvoted


Yea. It stopped after a couple weeks. Cooks never even get a reply after reaching out multiple times but it stopped so just moved on.

WTF. Anyone give u reason why?

I honestly think it is based on my personality.

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. I read about it on the internet. Smoke Two Joints! (The Toyes' version.)