Hive Afternoon Weed Vlog part 2

in DTube4 months ago (edited)

Continued. Testing one of the vape pens


Love the Kramer pic.. at first I thought there was a mirror behind you lol

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Check ur email
The address you gave me when I wanted to sell you my hive

I invited you to a 💨 party
It’s gonna be 3 bi:lesbian friends and two gay guys I’m BFF’s with. But bring ur girl and let’s all get fucked up🤩

It’s the first time we are having people over since COVID so we gonna get wrecked🔥

We might have some other things we can trade you for flower 😉

Might turn into something wild so if you come solo just know I can’t control my friends so if u pass out be safe
My gay boys love trying to smash strait guys 😉
Kidding (eh not really) but I bet my chick would get a kick outta her friends
Pulling u into a bedroom😜

They are like 50 and hot As Fuck
Biz women
I bet you could get some as long as u don’t mind them using ya 😛


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I bet 10 hive I don’t hear from you for month

Don’t mind my last comment

I literally drank till 4am and had a night with my chick and her co worker

They are wild 😜
I’m literally here still drunk smoking a cigarette on my balcony

I fucked my chick and her co worker who’s 20 years older then I 🤩

Omg I have mommy issues
And I love older women 🥰

I’m getting dizzy cause I don’t smoke
But I am so satisfied I said fuck it
When my chicks co worker left her pack here

Omg if these chicks are wee cool with only fans we’d be rich 🤑

They are so wild
Her friend made me call her mommy
Like they are freaks and I lust it😻

Pics or it didn't happen..

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She always talks like this when she’s wasted then she disappears for months

Excuse me
That’s not nice
Ok cum over and meet my gay crew
The boys will love u 💋
I bet they’d pay ya for some booty ❤️
For real though meet my chick
And hang 💋

When I get gene so drunk he ends up in bed with one of my gay guy friends in makeup and a dress I’ll definitely get a pic🤣

Kidding kidding💋

Wow... what do I even say to that..

@artgirlnyc just promise my safety and I’ll swing by 🤣

Say I ain’t going brother
At least not without my own party supplies!
I’m not getting roofied and waking up with a pain in a uncomfortable place no sir!

You should write Fantasy stories!
You have quite the mind for it when ur living it. Next time though tell me the lesbian women will jump me instead of telling me if I fall asleep I might wake up with a guy trying to take me to bed. Not my thing 🤣
But seriously you should focus and write. I bet there’s a whole lesbian lover Bi sexual scene in writing. Do you have a onlyfans?
Anyway if you aren’t working get some rest. Maybe I’ll stop by though. But just for a quick drink. Have a good day

Yea boy 😍
Pass that shit!